Quality Transcription, Quick Turnaround and 100% Satisfaction

The quality is paramount in transcriptions services. Our transcription services will ensure high quality, print ready transcripts along with saving of your time, money and effort to store a text account of the spoken content within an audio or video recording.

Partnering with a professional transcription services provider like us can offer many benefits. We offer transcription services to ensure effective documentation solutions for:

Audio and Video Transcription

A transcript is a kind of document that contains a text account of the spoken content within an audio or video recording. Transcripts prove to be a valuable asset to companies and individuals working with audio and video material.

Transcription services are sought in many different industries to organize large quantities of audio / video assets, and to provide an exact text account of all verbal content in a media file. A transcript offers instant access to critical information, and creates an efficient system for keeping track of the content within media files.

Transcription Services India

We provide best of the services for all your transcription needs. Our service is similar to closed captioning as you can view on television. We also provide real-time speech-to-text transcription Deaf and hearing impaired people. Few advantages of working with us are:

1)We offer competitive solutions in flexible turnaround time:

If the transcription work is to be done in house, it involves additional investment in the transcription equipments, software and other human and infrastructure related needs for transcription.

Outsourcing the transcription job to us would fix this problem as we are a transcription company well-equipped to provide professional documentation solutions which are cost-effective and to match with your tight deadlines.

2)High Quality & Print-Ready Transcripts:

We provide output in the form of accurate transcription as all the work is performed by professional transcriptionist. Our team of transcriptionists has an excellent knowledge of varied industrial terminology and are able to render accurate verbatim or non-verbatim transcripts in scheduled turnaround time. The percentage of accuracy is high due to 3-tier quality checks done internally.

3)Security and Privacy of Data:

This is a very important factor while managing important information of customers. We are well aware of the value of privacy and have necessary measures in place to ensure safety of our customers’ files.

4) Reduced overhead Costs

We provide individuals, practices and organizations with transcription services to help you reduceoverhead costs and be more efficient without compromising on quality and service. The impact

of our services will help you to:

We guarantee accuracy in all our transcription services, regardless of the subject matter, audio quality, varied accents etc. Our 3-tier quality check process ensures that the final document delivered is free of errors and meets your expectations.

The 3-tier quality check process involves three rounds of checks from transcriptionist who checks the document twice and a quality analyst who ensures the accuracyFree Web Content, with chances of errors almost zero or nil

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