Quick Overview of PXT Select Solutions: Hire The Right People!

Wondering if you should select a candidate for your business? PXT Select Solutions will help. Read on to find more of the details.

Hiring the right people for your business makes an enormous difference to the output you get from them. A high performing employee will be 2 or 3 times as productive as an average employee.  There’s no denying that resumes matter, but selecting a candidate is hard, especially when the decision must be based on the available information. PXT Select Solutions changes that. Here’s a quick overview.

What’s PXT Select?

PXT Select is a selection assessment that promises to ‘fill the gap’ between resume and interview. For example, if you are trying to understand whether a candidate is the right fit for the role, you can use the test to generate actionable data. Hiring and recruiting people needs to be a smart process, because it is more than just about filling up the roles. It is important to find people, who are able to do the job and would be engaged and satisfied doing the job. PXT Select brings the best of assessment technology, which helps in generating informative reports that help the recruiters and hiring managers.

The following informative reports can be generated using PXT Select

Should you invest in PXT Select Solutions?

There’s no doubt that PXT Select Solutions will help companies hire employees with the best fit for the position.  The hiring process does get simplified to a considerable extent. While you can always assess people by what they write on the resumes or how they answer questions during an interview, it is important to consider the objective, more predictive information also. You want to hire people who will have long tenure, greater engagement and higher performance. PXT Select Solutions helps smaller businesses find the right fit for the open roles.  Contact HireSmart, LLC at 480.205.7291 (mobile), a PXT Selection solutions providerArticle Search, to gain strategic advantages over your business competitors.


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