Reasons Why Open Source is Better!

What defines the open-source as any program whose source code is made available for use or modification as users or other developers see fit. Over the years open source web development has received massive popularity. Majority of web developers are employing open-source code for its various benefits. Unlike with blocked source codes where one cannot modify and customize the codes, open-source codes enables these. This is one of the chief differences between block source and open source code. Some of the reasons why most developers choose open source code are listed below.


Customization is the biggest perk when it comes to open-source code. As mentioned above, this is the key difference between open source and closed source code. This gives the web developers room to experiment with the code. It gives them the freedom to customize and modify the code according to their requirements. This helps them to design a solution dedicated to the interest and needs of the clients. Most businesses opt for this as they can get features and solutions that can be modified according to their specific needs.

Freely Obtainable

Another massive reason as to why open source code is often sought after is because they can be freely obtained! Web developers save time, money and energy by acquiring open-source code. The specific code of choice has to be downloaded and saved to begin using them. Once this is done, the web developers can use the saved open-source code for multiple projects. This drastically decreases the expenditure for a given project.


We live in an era where we have the technology to reach people in an instant to find out answers about almost anything under the sun and web developers aren’t any different. They turn to the Internet to look into and unearth solutions for any of their queries on coding or bug fixes. Some open-source codes can be directly taken out from a community where web developers share their codes for other web developers to use. If the former has an issue with the code, the community works on solutions to fix the bug issues. The fixed issue is then shared on the forum, which can be utilized by other web developers. Github is an excellent example of this. While some web developers turn to communities, some others turn to a ready-made framework. Bootstrap is one such framework that web developers use for websites. Bug issues that arise in this are fixed by the company itself and released for developers to make use of.


It’s one thing to customize an open-source code but a totally different thing to have the freedom to develop on them. Other than just giving you room to modify and experiment on the coding, web developers have the power to make developments. This gives them the liberty to work on an existing project to make them more extensive and exhaustive making it something totally new. Once the developments are made, developers can publish their new web projects for others to use or modify.

Security and Quality

The developers or vendors, who publish the codes, publish them with high quality and security. Web developers who use these projects have confirmed this claim. If a developer isn’t satisfied with the existing quality and security of open source codes, they can be modified. Therefore with minimum security risks, an open-source code reduces the load in the administration. And with great quality codes, comes great speed for your websites. This enables the developers to create a resilient project!

Web developers are employed to create magic and bring websites to life. Open-source codes have become the favourite for developers and more and more developers are using them all over the world. With perks like zero cost, freedom to customize and develop, an impressive support system and high security and quality, open-source code has become an integral part of the coding world!

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