Red Carpet Banking Tips for Beginners

Moving away from home for the first time can be a blast. This new found freedom is even more fun when you have your money situation handled. One of your first steps is to open your bank accounts.

How you manage your bank accounts today will determine whether you’re able to live the lifestyle you desire tomorrow. That’s why it’s important to open a bank account and establish a relationship with a bank as soon as possible. Opening a bank account will help you to develop a proven track record which can give you advantages when you need a student loan, a car loan, student credit card or a mortgage.

Why open a bank account?

1. Safety – Money that is held in a FDIC insured bank is safer than holding onto cash. Your accounts are insured by the government up to $100,000 so there is not a risk of losing money.

2. Interest – Everyday you have money sitting in a checking or savings account, the bank is paying you interest. Interest rates vary depending on the bank so when choosing a bank this is an important feature to compare.

3. Budget planning – The right bank account will make budget planning a breeze. A checking account can act as the hub of your finances. Money you deposit in there can be directed to pay bill, savings and investments.

4. Simplicity – Online banking allows you to automatically pay your bills. Once you set this up once you’re done. You just need to make sure you have enough money in your account when your bills go out.

5. Tracking – Paying someone in cash can result in problems. That cash can be put into someone’s wallet instead of being applies to your debt. Paying by check, credit card or debit card will leave a paper trail that will prove you paid the bill.

6. Direct deposit – Rather than giving you physical checks you employer can just deposit your earnings directly into your bank account. This saves you a trip to the bank and often you’re able to access the money immediately.

7. Future services -Building a long-term relationship with a bank will benefit you more over time. As your banking needs grow you can get better terms on student loans, student credit cards, auto loans and other services the longer you have a relationship with a bank.

How to Open a Bank Account.

When you open a bank account you should be looking to build a long partnership with the financial institution. Building a long-term relationship with a bank means you will one day receive preferred treatment. The next time you need a student credit card or other type of loan, you will typically qualify easier and pay lower fees because of the relationship you have built. Think of it this way: the sooner you open your bank account, the sooner you will enjoy preferred treatment.

Find a bank that offers services you need now and may need in the future. Immediately, your needs just may be for a checking account. However think ahead to the services you will need in the future. You need a credit card, a student loan or another service the bank offers. It’s much easier to locate one financial institution that can handle all your future needs.

In order to decide which bank is right for you and your money, you need to consider your expectations and purpose for opening a bank account: is it for business, pleasure, savings, wage-depositing, eventual loans, etc.?

Check out a few banks and compare bank fees, service charges, and interest rates. Also make sure their ATM’s are convenient. If not you could rack up additional fees for using other bank’s ATM machines.

When looking for a bank to do business with, select the bank that offers online banking. Online banking simplifies your life and makes all your banking transactions available at the click of a button. This allows you to check balances from the comfort of your own home and electronically pay monthly bills without ever writing a check. It alsoComputer Technology Articles, it gives others the impression your bills are handled by a professional accountant.

Opening a bank account is the first step in building your financial foundation. The sooner you start developing a relationship with a bank or financial institution the more benefits you will receive now and in the future.

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