Reduce Teenage Acne Outbreak and Flare Ups With Antioxidants

Your skin will tend to become oily and greasy and your skin’s pores will be covered with sebum. When your pores are clogged and blocked, pimples can rip the skin apart and emerge. And the end result is acne. While the hormonal change is something out of your control, you can take appropriate measures to counteract the problem and reduce your acne outbreaks.

One of the most effective solutions is found in your home itself. Are you one of these people who hates vegetables and fruits? If you are, then you’re missing out on a highly efficient method in reducing acne flare ups. With time, if you pay much attention to vegetables and fruits in your diet, your acne can practically heal itself ultimately. Vegetables and fruits contain high amounts of vitamins and antioxidants which have been proven to help cure acne and prevent it from triggering as well. They are beneficial for your skin as they contain skin care properties.

Some recommended vegetables are carrot, broccoli, garlic, cabbage, celery, cucumber. Carrot juice is highly effective in promoting skin health and helps eradicate acne. It contains lots of vitamins and minerals and beta-carotene. Some recommended fruits are papaya, avocado, citrus, lemon, pineapple, banana, grape. Many people don’t include vegetables and fruits in their diets or not enough and this will have a negative effect not only for their health but for their skins. By having an adequate intake of vegetables and fruits, you also reduce the risk of constipation considerably and you regulate your bowel activity effectively. In doing so, you flush out toxins and impurities from your body easily and this will just help in reducing and preventing acne outbreak and flare ups.

Not only can you consume vegetables and fruits to enhance skin health but you can either make use of them as topical treatments ie like applying them on your skin directly instead of eating or drinking them. For eg, you can mix the juice of citrus in water and apply the mixture to your skin. The acidic juice from citrus can effectively obliterate bacteria and germs and eliminate the sebum on your skin. You can also use fruits such as avocado, papaya, banana and grape and mash them in order to create a sort of paste which you can apply directly on your skin. A vegetable such as cucumber not only is it highly effective in preventing constipation but you can use cucumber juice or paste on your skin and the latter will really soothe your skin and acne. All the above natural treatments with antioxidants are also applicable to adults as well.

As you can see, you don’t necessarily need to have recourse to expensive products to get results. There are several acne skin care treatments which are naturalComputer Technology Articles, safe and cost effective but they are powerful and can only bring positive outcome for your skin. Trust nature as nature is healing.

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