Reducing Small Business Energy Costs in the Winter


Install Weather-StrippingOne of the simplest things you can do to reduce the energy costs for your small business is applying weather stripping to the seams of all exterior doors and windows. This will help prevent warm air from escaping to the outside, which forces your heat system to continue running, driving up your costs. Additionally, check for any pipes, vents or air ducts that connect to an unheated attic or similar space, and seal around them as well.Adjust Temperature SettingsIf there are only customers and employees in your place of business between 9 am and 5 pm, money spent heating your business outside of those hours is largely wasted. Instead, turn the temperature settings down to between 50 and 60 degrees overnight, then turn the temperature back up about an hour before you open in the morning.Run Ceiling FansYou may think that your ceiling fans function only to create a cool breeze during hot summer months. However, they can also help keep your business warm. Since hot air rises, much of the warmth your heating system generates collects near the ceiling. If you reverse the direction your ceiling fans normally rotate so that they turn clockwise, they will help push the warm air back down towards the people in your business. Most ceiling fans have switch on the side of their base that will reverse the direction they turn.Manage Your WindowsIf you are fortunate enough to have windows at your business that face the sun at certain times of day, make sure you open any blinds or shades at those times of day to let in the free warmth. You may be surprised by just how much heat the sun can generate through a glass window, even on a cold winter day.Similarly, a glass window – even one that has been properly sealed – can generate a significant cool breeze on cold days when the sun is not shining through it. Consider investing in attractive insulating drapes or blinds that can help block this breeze when necessary.Replace Your Furnace FiltersThe disposable filter in your heating furnace will gradually become blocked with dust, pollen and other debris. This can significantly reduce your heat system’s efficiency, because the reduced air flow means the furnace is forced to work harder to heat the same space. Make sure you at least check the filter once per month, and replace it as necessary. You may wish to invest in a permanent filter to save time and improve efficiency.There are many ways to save energy and money within a business, once you have applied all these methods, it may then be worth comparing prices providers to see how much more you could save.

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