SAP Business One and Chicago Small Business ERP Market

Take a look at trucking, logistics and assembly on order type of business.  Such a company cannot exist without business automation system and such system got to be in place numerous years.  New accounting system should be just integrated with this legacy business management software and there is no need for Business One to take over cargo tracking and delivery functionality.  Let’s take a look at popular business types in Chicago metropolitan area and how Business One could fit:

1. Chicago as Distribution hub.  Due to traditionally developed transportation infrastructure we see good climate in the area for distribution companies with assembly on order or simple manufacturing and shipping finished good nationwide and internationally.  SAP B1 is very good fit in small production and shipping and receiving environments with such modules as small business discrete production and picking and packing.  We would like to point out to disassembly bill of materials where you are receiving returned finished goods and find their parts good enough to be used in the future assembly orders

2. Warehouse Management.  We are monitoring and welcoming warehouses construction along highways 55, 290, 88 and 80 in the area of Naperville, Joliet, Aurora and Plainfield.  Warehouse company that is residing in that type of buildings typically doesn’t need huge and powerful accounting system.  SAP BO should allow to save you ERP implementation budget money

3. Assembly on Order.  The accounting procedures should not be really complex and sophisticated.  However you would like to see profitability of each order and related manufacturing, shipping and spare parts allocation project.  Plus you would rather pay sales commission upon the delivery and check that payment is received.  In the Case of B1 managerial reporting is recommended to be designed in Crystal Reports.  The good news is the fact that Business Objects (who was the owner of Crystal Reports) is part of SAP now

4. Field Service and Warranty Contracts.  When you are assembling unique equipment from standard parts and sell it nationwide warranty support is essential.  BO offers Service module with warranty contract, technical support, solution knowledge base, customer equipment card and other features.  Upon the warranty contract expiration or at your discretion support might be flagged as billable to the customer

5. Machinery Rentals.  There is relatively simple procedural way to automate them in Warranty Contracts.  The way to trace rented item is to establish special warehouse and name it as Rentals and move the item there via Transfer to Technician form.  When contract expires use Return from Technician form to place it back to the warehouse for the machinery available for being rented

6. Inventory Replenishment.  There is MRP wizard to automate items reordering from your suppliers.  In the new version 8.81 there is also Purchase Quotation (in alternative terminology also referred as Requisition) in addition to Purchase order to allow more flexible negotiation with alternative vendors

7. International Business.  If you have locations internationally the good news is that SAP B1 is localized in the major world regions including China, Brazil, Russia, Canada, most of the Europe and other places.  You can deploy all the international subsidiaries on the same SQL Server in the USA based headquarters and expose user interface via Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Server

8. Please call us 1-866-304-3265, 1-269-605-4904 (for international customers, where our representatives pick up the phone in Naperville and St. Joseph, MI call center).  [email protected].  In Chicagoland our customers are located in Naperville, Chicago, Aurora, Romeoville, Plainfield, Wheaton, Joliet, Downers GroveHealth Fitness Articles, Lisle and other local cities and villages

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