SAP Business One Consultant Newsflash: SB1 Selection and Implementation

It should fit to the majority of small businesses, however
some of the industries might capitalize on pretty cool SAP BO modules and
features.   We would like to give you information session
in this small publication:


CRM.  If
you have sales people, who are doing full cycle sales: registering leads,
qualifying prospects, giving sales quotes, closing sales and then transferring
new customers to customer service department – please review SB1 CRM.  In fact, you can purchase special user
licenses for CRM users at discounted price


Service Contracts.  If you sell your serialized items under
warranty contracts, you should review Service functionality.  You can do maintenance and warranty service,
which could be either non-chargeable or chargeable to your customer – decision could
be made by your service technician in SB1 based on various criteria: price of
the spare parts, number of required hours, expenses, etc.


Light Manufacturing and Assembly.  Here you have pretty robust small business
discrete manufacturing with bill of materials, simple ERP, inventory
replenishment engine.  One of the cool
features in SAP Business One is disassembly order, where you can receive
returned assembled item and then completely disassemble it into parts and place
them back to your Inventory bins


SB1 data conversion.  You do not need external tools, you should
use Data Transformation Workbench.  In
Workbench you could use preconfigured Excel templates, or if your conversion is
more complex, you could deploy ODBC templates, where you will need to replicate
the same document schemas as in Excel templates


SAP Business One in eCommerce scenarios.  If you launch ecommerce business from
scratches, you should consider deploying ecommerce module of SB1.  However, and it is often the case, when you
already have legacy ecommerce websiteArticle Search, you could deploy simple SB1 SDK
programming to connect ecommerce web application with SB1 backend

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