Services Provided by the Best eCommerce Agency in China

eCommerce Agency in China usually provide Cross border eCommerce to help overseas brands to enter the Chinese market. Opting for the right platform is important for your triumph in China. And to access this you might need help from the best eCommerce agency in China.

Services provided by the best eCommerce Agency in China

Each Chinese eCommerce platform has its need to register. Some are crazily overpriced and are fascinated by big brands; others are more attainable in a smaller budget. Almost, all of them provide Cross border eCommerce to help overseas brands to enter the Chinese market. Opting for the right platform is important for your triumph in China.

Get Registered by an eCommerce Agency for effective Management

Initially, you will have to get registered to mark your presence in the immense marketplace. Just after the registration, you will require a store which is designed to attract your clients, listing with lots of explanation and pictures that reply to all the questions possible. If visitors still have any questions left, customer service would always be here and reply inappropriate manner within time. E-Commerce platforms follow calendars of the China festival and have their own events. Their users are familiar with this specials event and are expecting brands to give rebates, the introduction of new products, etc.

Off-site Promotion of the brand to create market presence

The offsite promotion of the brand is a part of e-Commerce which you can’t skip at any cost. You can’t hope that people will visit the store and purchase anything from you if they have never heard about you before and if they couldn’t find anything about you on an online platform. SEO, social media, forums, PR, etc are your entire friend to build yourself a stature on the Chinese internet. It would not only expand your visibility but also your rate of conversion. Be sure about this: Cost of acquisition is similar for an unknown brand and Loreal but loreal as a conversion that is 10 or more times higher than the unknown brand. They even make more money even though they have not spent more on acquisition than the unknown brand as they are known for many years.


Your Shop will need frequent up-gradation to rank and keep potential clients involved. eCommerce agency’s innovative and copywriting team could take care of this: uploading of products, banners, etc.

A healthy store in China requires being capable of following the distinct festival and sales that come along with them but also to amaze visitors with interesting events.

Does having an eCommerce website is helpful to sell more in China?

Yes, it does. While it won’t be your main platform of selling, having your own eCommerce website would induce a feeling of security in the eyes of the clients. It would also permit in deploying the SEO tools and have more online visibility.

Services Provided by eCommerce agency in China

Project Audit

Full market research and inspection of the budget and current status in China would help us select the best Chinese eCommerce platform to sell the items.

eCommerce registration

Registration on Chinese eCommerce apps can be immense trouble, let the agencies handle it, save you some time and money.

Shop Design & Management

Design a pleasing store and run an in-app campaign, managing customer servicesBusiness Management Articles, posting a new listing.

offsite branding & e-reputation

An amazing store won’t be sufficient to obtain traffic and definitely not sufficient to get sales. They are many ways by which you could form your e-reputation on the Chinese internet.

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