Setting Body Perfect Fitness Goals for the New Year

Goal Setting 101

All of our lives, we have many things we want to accomplish, but somehow, someway, things just don’t get done. That includes sticking with a lifestyle change that helps improve your overall fitness and health.

Each year the average American gains more and more weight, and yet there are more and more diet plans, weight loss schemes, exercise programs, and short cut methods that are supposed to support a Body Perfect solution.

Well I have a secret!!!

Life and success in your fitness and health goals, begins and ends with a between the ears process.

Yes, your MIND!!!

How you feel, what you think, what is going on between your ears, effects the net result of any lifestyle change, fitness program, or reaching any long term fitness or health goals.

So let’s talk about Goal Setting and how important of an impact and focusing on establishing S.M.A.R.T Goals has on your future success in fitness and health.

So this is what defines S.M.A.R.T Goals.

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