Setting Goals and Expectations without Being Forceful

Some people are really great at doing this because they go about it
in a positive manner and they realize that it’s unreasonable to expect
perfection for every little detail. Others are very forceful about it
and they get angry when people don’t live up to the expectation (a.k.a.
Type “A” people).

Having a more positive attitude about this will allow you to
influence people more easily and have them respect you and your
expectations. You can approach setting expectations in every situation
in a positive manner with the help of goal affirmations.

Using Goal Affirmations to Get More Done

These goal affirmations may or may not be something that you share
with others. We all need to remind ourselves about our goals, each day,
so we can influence and motivate ourselves to reach and perhaps exceed
our goals.

Free positive affirmations help us by simply reminding ourselves of
our goal and how we can reach it with a smile instead of with a fist.

We have all met those people that set goals for us and were harsh
about it, which, of course, only made us resentful, angry and
non-participative in reaching the goal. We have all, also, met those
people who were very goal oriented but were positive about it, and they
made us all want to jump on and push toward the goal. This slight
difference in mindset is often the difference between the most
successful coaches and the average coaches. And which would you rather
have as your chief motivator and manager? Which would you rather be?

Quiet Your Mind with Positive Goal Setting Techniques

Using goal setting expectations, you can quiet your mind for just a
few seconds and remind yourself that a positive approach is always
better. When you promote goals, both for yourselves or others, with an
air of excitement instead of hysteria you will find that people, and
even you, are more willing to participate. Free positive affirmations
are something that a lot of people start using to help them reach their
own goals and they soon find that when they use these goals to motivate
themselves they are better able to motivate others.

If you believe it would help, share your goal affirmations with
those that you are working with. Many people will take to free positive
affirmations and will then share your excitement and help to motivate
others, allowing for the group to reach or exceed a goal a lot faster
and with a better attitude than you might have ever expected.

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