Setting up your own website; hot tips for the small business on domain names, hosting and web design

As a small business or business start up, setting up a website may seem a daunting prospect when you have got so much else on your plate to deal with, but it needn’t be that complicated.

This practical no nonsense guide talks you through the basics of domain names, web hosting, web design and shows you how to get started.

“Help!  Where do I start?”

There are 3 simple steps to setting up your website;

1.  How do I register a domain name?

The first thing you’ll need to do is check that the name you want is available. You can do this online and there are lots of companies that also let you register your domain name online. Registration is typically only around £10 a year.   Many designers or hosting providers will sort this out for you.

2.  How can I get webspace?

Webspace is space on a computer owned by a hosting company. Your hosting provider will connect your webspace with your domain name so that anyone who types your domain name into their browser will arrive at your website. Prices vary so shop around.

3.  How do I sort out the design?

There are four key options.  Here they are with a list of pros and cons for you to consider;

Option 1:  DIY using a software package such as Microsoft Frontpage



Option 2:  DIY using an off the shelf site builder package



Option 3:  Appoint a web design agency



Option 4:  Appoint a freelance web designer



What to include on your website

Each business will differ, but a typical simple business start up site might consist of;

Top tips for search engine friendly web sites

Whether you decide to build your website yourself or appoint an agency or freelancer it is important to make sure your site is search engine friendly so that people can find you online.  The following will help;

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be up and running on the web in no time! Good luck!

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