Setting Your eCommerce Site Apart Using Shopify Custom Design

We’ve talked before about some of the new up and coming advantages for Shopify users. We also want to share what options Shopify has to design your online store in a way that is unique, attractive, and user-friendly. 1Digital Agency is staffed with certified Shopify Experts who can help you take full advantage of Shopify’s custom design features.

Creating a Custom Shopify Theme

What attracts a lot of eCommerce start-ups to Shopify are its hundreds of customizable options, with the pre-made themes being only the start. In a big world of online shopping, you strive to set yourself apart and the ability to fully customize your site in a way that will showcase your products can make all the difference in standing out against competitors. Shopify custom design offers 1Digital Agency’s designers’ full access to the HTML/CSS code, meaning that with a talented designer the possibilities are endless to create your ideal eCommerce site. Pick a color palette that suits your brand and that complements your products. Design a layout that draws the customer’s eye in the direction you want. Create menus that let customers easily access the products they’re looking for. Make your site responsive and accessible on all devices so people can shop anywhere.

A convenient and pleasant shopping experience is more likely to keep customers coming back, and Shopify custom design makes that possible for any kind of product, from furniture to clothing.

Mapping Out Your Shopify Site

Shopify custom design makes it easy to turn your eCommerce site into more than just a shopping cart. You can shape how your customers interact with your site by adding and modifying any of the several components available:

?    Enhanced Product Pages: Organize your products into easily navigable collections with product image hover effects. Ensure that individual product pages reflect your inventory up to the minute so customers are never disappointed when they get to checkout.

?    Blog Posts: Setting up a blog page lets you keep your customers up to date with of information, such as new product releases or in-depth profiles of your product line. Add a comment section to open up discussion.

?    Want Button: Let your customers use social media to share the products they are interested in with their friends and family.

?    Customer Log-ins: Give customers the chance to create accounts to save their purchasing information and favorite products, as well as receive email updates from your company.

?    Integrate Social Media: Connect your store to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms to give customers even more opportunities to connect with your brand.

These are only some of the features you can add to your eCommerce site through Shopify custom design. 1Digital Agency has experience working with online businesses both starting from scratch and upgrading an existing site, and can provide you with a final design that connects customers with your products. Contact us at (888) 982-8269 or request a quote online.

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