Shipping Advice for eCommerce Startups

Starting an ecommerce business is something that is getting quite popular. This is because there is so much money in online businesses.

But, with an ecommerce business comes shipping and couriers. Something that you can’t go without and that so many people are making mistakes with. With this information, you will know that you consider all these shipping tips for ecommerce startups so that you don’t money when you start your business.

Be certain about the item’s weight

You will need to know the weight of the product that you are going to ship. The shipping costs are going to be calculated according to the weight and distance of the shipment. Consult with a freight forwarding company to learn more about this.

This is a problem that many people are struggling with.  They think that when they are sending the goods for shipment, the shipping service will weigh it. In a way you are right, but how will you calculate the costs of the shipping to your customer, if you didn’t know the weight beforehand. This is the best way to ensure that you are getting the right price for the product.

Make sure that you know how to ship delicate items

Shipping fragile equipment or goods is hard and difficult to do. If it isn’t shipped correctly and packed safely, it is going to get to your destination damaged. And, this will cause serious money loss for you.

There is a certain way of how you can ship fragile equipment so that it doesn’t get damaged when you are shipping your goods to the new owner.

Different shipping options that you need to make sure about

Don’t make the same mistake as so many others. There is a huge selection of shipping options that you can make use of. There is also more than one shipping company that you can use.

This is why you need to make sure that you are going to research to find the best shipping company for you. Someone that will have your best interest at heart and that will protect your business and goods from getting damaged. Using the wrong shipping service will cause a lower shipping rating from your clients.

If you offer free shipping, make it crystal clear to the customer

Yes, by offering free shipping, you are getting the attention of new clients. People like ordering free shipping options because they are looking for a great priced item. But if there is a specific added shipping fee that you need to pay, you are going to lose money.

Then, you could just as well give the product away for free. Rather say that clients might qualify for free shipping, but that they need to enter to win. Most clients will rather pay for shipping and know that their products will arrive faster. Something else that you can do as well, is to give your clients options. Make the shipping free, but then the delivery date will be a lot later than when they are paying for shipping. Some cheaper shipping rates, and the best shipping rates that are a bit more expensive. There are different options, but don’t just give free shipping without considering other options as well.

Shipping tips for ecommerce startups. This isn’t hard to remember. But you need to know that when your clients don’t pay for shipping, you might be ending up as a big mistake. A mistake that should not come back and visit. You need to give all the options to your client from free shipping to the most expensive shipping options. Then, they can decide if they want to wait for their goods, or if you to make sure that everyone is happy with the goods delivered.

If you are looking to start an eCommerce store in the near future, be sure to get in touch with an experienced freight forwarding service provider who provide expert advice on how best to your ship items.

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