Should You Apply For A Credit Card If You Do Not Already Have One?


If you are wondering whether or not you should get a credit card then the answer is probably going to be ‘yes’. Credit cards are simply a normal part of everyday life these days and wherever you turn you will see that you are being asked to pay for goods and services by credit card and indeed are often being offered incentives such as air miles for doing so. So just what are the benefits of having a credit card?Perhaps the most important benefit is simple convenience. A few years ago there were still many merchants who would not accept credit cards but nowadays almost all merchants accept payment by credit card. This means that you no longer have to carry large sums of cash, which is both inconvenient and unsafe, but merely need to carry your plastic card when you go out shopping. But it goes even further than this.Today many merchants have arrangements with the credit card companies and will offer interest-free installment plans on larger purchases paid for using your credit card. In other words you can simply spread the payment over several months without the store charging you any interest for doing so. This of course is on top of the normal interest-free credit period offered by your credit card on all purchases. In other words, if you buy something today on your credit card you will not need to pay for it until next month and, providing you settle your credit card balance in full then you will not incur any interest charges.Another very important consideration these days is the convenience of shopping from home or on the Internet. How many times have you seen something advertised on the TV which is just what you are looking for? With a credit card all you need to do is to pick up the phone, place your order using your credit card and then wait for your goods to be delivered to your door. And how about booking airline tickets for that last minute trip? Simply hop onto your computer, look for the latest discount deals and make your booking there and then using your credit card. In many cases you can even print off your ticket and then just head straight for the airport.The list of course goes on and on and for most people who already have a credit card they simply do not know what they did without one. So, how do you go about applying for a credit card?Applying for a card is very simple and you can either pop into your bank or other credit office in person or apply on the Internet. You will be asked to fill out a simple application form which essentially means that you are entering into an agreement with the credit card company. It is important therefore that you read the application form carefully and understand exactly what the terms and conditions are for the issue of the card for which you are applying. If you do not understand any of the conditions then ask the credit card issuer for clarification and, if you do not agree with any of the conditions, then do not sign the application and look for another credit card with a different company.Once you are happy and have signed the application the credit card issuer will run a few checks, including a check of your credit history, and as long as they are satisfied with the results of these checks they will then issue your card.At the end of the day applying for a credit card must be very much a personal decision but, as long as you understand just how the card works and use it responsibly, then most people would agree that a credit card is a boon and a blessing.

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