Skills to Look for in an ECommerce SEO Expert

The world of eCommerce is undeniably booming; more and more established companies are joining the industry and completely new companies are on the rise every day. As with any change of such rapid pace, this kind of boom simultaneously presents unique challenges for established eCommerce businesses and offers an incredible opportunity for growth.

The key to overcoming the challenges and reaping the rewards lies in SEO (search engine optimization). SEO, though, is a more complicated skill set than it has ever been, and requires the careful work of an ECommerce SEO expert.

At one point in time, SEO was a much simpler task, largely involving strategic placement of keywords within your piece. Now, as a result of huge advancements in search engine technology, SEO is guided by thousands of complicated algorithms which change regularly. Finding someone who can manage a task that complex can seem overwhelming. Thankfully, an eCommerce SEO expert isn’t as hard to find as you might think. You just need to know what to look for.

The first sign of a good SEO expert for your business is a solid understanding of eCommerce. Conveniently, this trait is often easiest for online entrepreneurs to locate since you know your business best. When looking for your expert, keep your eyes peeled for previous successes working with eCommerce brands. Also, try to work out how familiar they are with the big names of the industry.

Once you’ve determined their eCommerce knowledge, you’re going to have to dig into their ability to manage your brand’s SEO on a more tangible level. While the candidate’s resume can always be a decent barometer, another helpful technique is to compare their claims with the reality of your business. If you require considerable content creation and optimization, it might not be realistic for a singular SEO expert to accomplish what you need them to. For this, you may wish to seek out a team or an agency.

One of the benefits of working with an SEO team is that you gain the benefit of multiple minds’ worth of knowledge. Often, members of SEO teams have diverse backgrounds that make for a combined powerhouse of SEO knowledge that can bring creative solutions to any brand. If your company is running multiple brands online, having a team is almost a must, since you’re going to need multiple eyes working together to bring your unique brands to better positions online.

The last incredibly important skill your eCommerce SEO expert will need to have is the ability to interpret analytics data and adapt based on the trends that data reveals. It’s an unfortunate truth of doing business online that things change remarkably fast; good SEO experts know how to quickly adapt to changes in trends, regardless of their cause. Trend changes can come from changes in customer preference, search engine algorithm modifications, and even social media buzz. Make sure you choose an agent or team who will be able to be watchful of such changes.

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