Skin Cancer Risk Factors


Skin cancer is a life threatening condition that thousands of people are diagnosed with each year. There are many causes, including sun damage. For many people, it develops over a period of time and can go unnoticed for many years before individuals get treatment. The sooner you treat this condition, the less likely it will be fatal. Understanding the risk factors for developing the condition can often help to improve your chances.Why do some people get skin cancer and other people do not? Numerous factors play a role in the development of this condition. Individuals who have the following risk factors are at a higher risk of developing this condition and should take steps to regularly monitor their condition for any signs of the development of lesions.- Those who have a fair complexion have a greater chance of developing the condition. Those with less pigment are more at risk for UV radiation damage. Those who sunburn easily are also more likely to suffer from this condition.- Those who are in the sun at length increase their risk. Working or sunbathing outdoors can increase the danger as well. Most people who develop this condition do so because of radiation from the UV rays from the sun. Some types of tanning beds also increase risk depending on the type of bed.- If you have moles, you could have a higher risk. Those that are irregular, which means they are larger than normal moles, are more likely to develop the condition. You should watch them for any physical changes and report those changes to your doctor right away.- If you have other conditions, including precancerous lesions, your risks are higher as well. Those with actinic keratoses, for example, may be more likely to develop skin cancer.- This condition can be hereditary. The ability to develop it is higher in those who have a family history of the condition. This is particularly true when siblings or parents have had it.- Those who have had skin cancer in the past are more likely to develop it again. It is important to have regular checkups so that any instances for re-development are monitored and treated as soon as possible.For those individuals who are at a higher risk of developing skin cancer, there are ways to reduce those concerns. See a dermatologist on a regular basis to discover your options. Treatment can be effective when administered early. The more risks you have stacked against you, the more important it is for you to seek out regular checkups from a specialist in this area. It can help to save your life if you choose to do so.

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