Small Business Issue: Buying Your Domain Name

There are plenty of things that need to be considered when you’re opening up your own small business. Once you’ve capitalized on your idea and started off, you’ll need to do quite a bit of marketing to stay in the race, and earn your bit of the multi-million dollar pie outsourced to small businesses every year.

Whilst different types of marketing techniques are open for you, there’s none that can provide your business greater exposure than a website. There are millions of people worldwide who surf the net daily, looking for new ideas, fad products and good deals. Why not attract a few thousand to your site?

Your success rate may be low, yes. However, if you consider the fact that statistically, two out of every thousand people who visit your website will turn into customers, then it’s worth it to invest into a good website, right? There are three things that are essential to turn your marketing into a sale. These are:

Domain Name

The domain name, or rather the URL of your small business should be related to the field that it occupies. For example, a freelance writer selling ebooks should have the words freelance, write or ebook in the domain name. would be a good example.     

Presentation of the Website

Always, always use clean fonts. People are turned off by elegant, flowery fonts which take twice as long to read. Flowery fonts also tend to make your landing page look cluttered, which is totally off-putting. Also, avoid large images or graphics on your website. These make it slower to load and can cause someone to just give up in frustration.

Systematic Outlook

If you have a small online shopping site, I want to check out what you have and then buy. I do NOT want to roam around the site aimlessly, opening up pages which have detailed information that I do not need. If I wanted that, I’d Google. There are many businesses that lose business because their website is systematically a mess. Always try to arrange similar products together, and have a list of other pages that can be opened. Prospective clients hate having to search like crazy for a particular item.

These three tips for website marketing should earn you a lot of brownie points with prospective clients. Remember, if someone visits your site and likes it, although he may not buy now, but he’ll remember it next time he needs to get something. So keep your website well-presented. Your business depends on it.

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