Small businesses get BIG results with business gifts and promotional products

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Running your own business requires you to do it alll. Sales , advertising, accounting etc. Even serving as your own marketing department as well. That’s where imprinted products can have such a big impact

Tthe Small Business Association, said small owners often act “not only as the CEO of their company, but the head of sales, head of finance, and whatever else it takes to get the job done.”

If you’re the head of marketing at your company, you’re looking for ways to get your company’s name in front of the public, and you probably don’t have a huge budget to work with. Imprinted promotional products can be the perfect solution for the business owner.

As an owner, you have an opportunity to connect with your customers and clients in a way that big corporations cannot. For that reason, personal corporate gifts often make the biggest and best impression.

PENS – Everybody uses them, and everybody needs them. If your business gives you the opportunity to hand a pen to a customer or client, you’re making a personal connection as well as advertising your company or product.

‘SAVE THE DAY’ GIFTS – Sewing kits, shoe shine kits, and pillboxes are items that make life a little easier and more comfortable. They’re also business gifts that your customers and clients will use again and again, exposing them to your business logo again and again. Something that helps a customer to mend a hem or tidy up a pair of oxfords can also “save the day,” bringing a sense of relief they’ll associate your small business product or service.

LOGO KEYTAGS – Logo keytags are among the most durable advertising vehicles. Logo keytags accompany important and carefully guarded items: house keys and car keys. When you use logo keytags as business gifts, your business name and contact information will be held in your customer’s hand, in her pocketbook, and left inserted from his car ignition during long car rides. It’s hard to beat a logo keytag for that kind of visibility.

DESKTOP BUSINESS GIFTS – Anything your customers will see on their desks every day is a great advertisement for your small business. Mouse pads, memo pads, mirrors and magnets are marvelously effective, because they live on top of the desk – the desk where your current or future customer is sitting when he or she needs to choose a product or service provider. Stress balls and staplers have a “hands on” appeal that puts your customers literally “in touch” with your company’s contact information.

RELEVANT BUSINESS GIFTS – We can suggest if your small business involves sewing, design, carpentry, , or other precise skills, tape measures might be the perfect small business gift choice for you. The more a potential customer uses the item, the more likely he’ll be to think of your company when a need arises. Is your small business built more around informational data than design? Tech toys such as USB memory sticks and computer mouse pads, imprinted with your company’s name and contact information, might be just the ticket. If your small business is part of the food and hospitality market, kitchen items like bag clips or keytag bottle openers are perfectly appropriate. Choosing an imprinted business gift item that is connected with your business world tells customers you belong at the top of their list of possible service providers.

And since you’re a small business owner who wears many “hats” besides sales and marketing, you might consider putting your company’s name on clothing items such as jackets, polos shirts, T-shirtsFeature Articles, or … hats!

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