Smart Goal Setting, Your First Step To The Prosperous Life


Today we are going to talk about smart goal setting. It is something that, if only given proper attention, could change people’s lives around. It is well known that a lack of specific aims in your life will have you going nowhere fast.So why is that goal setting helps? Simply because our adult brains channel most of their focus on those ideas and actions we deal with and are reminded of every day.What’s important is that we can educate our brain to concentrate on our goals, so writing them down and reading them on a daily basis will get us used to them to the extent where they will no longer seem so distant or difficult to accomplish.Obviously, things will not be magically set in motion by simply thinking about them, focused action is also required on your part. But the important thing is to tell your mind what your expectations are and to do some kind of re-education of your own thoughts.Setting Life GoalsThink about what you want to accomplish in 3 months, in 6 months, in one year, in 10 years, create a blueprint for your life and you’re gonna see that things tend to follow the direction you give them.But for that to happen, you need to mobilize yourself and not fall into the same trap as most people who hear about smart goal setting, acknowledge the potential of this idea, but never actually put pen to paper and let their aspirations remain distant and unattainable.Think about it, it is your life! You have the power to create it, to model it to be the way you want it to be. So describe exactly how you would like your life to be in every aspect of it, write that down, read it every day and do the things you have to do to get there.But despite its indisputable advantages, I am sure that only less than one percent of the people are seeing smart goal setting as more than just an elusive theoretical notion.YOU should rise above the overwhelming majority!The percentage of truly successful people will stay under 3% regardless of the amount of motivational literature and advice from experienced trainers available.Why?Because people are LAZY!It may seem unbelievable that being lazy could be such a serious drawback, but it’s true. While something looks good in theory, preparing to put it into practice could prove rather demoralizing up to the point where you give up because you find it too hard to do.If you’re waiting for the perfect moment, there is no such thing. Circumstances are always going to seem unfavourable and you just have to act no matter what things seem to be. All it takes is a few small successes to infuse you with the assurance you need to keep you going, and that will place you ahead of those 99% of people who are still only thinking about a better life, but can’t bring themselves to do something about it.Aspirations can provide powerful motivational impulses, and all you need to do is to follow impulses with the right actions.You CAN live the life of your dreams and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!

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George Tiganus is a motivational coach providing free MLM Training to internet marketers worldwide. Smart Goal Setting is one of the most important things for any person who really wants to their life to a higher standard.
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