Some Crucial Facts About Credit Card Verification Process


Most of the business companies are exclusively accepting credit cards from the customers around the world. The shoppers are also happy with the facility to pay with the credit or debit cards. Random usage of these financial cards has increased the security concern at the same time. That’s why credit card verification has become very important for each of the merchants who accept credit card payments. Credit card contains a magnetic chip for internal or software verification. In the other hand, there are some numerical verification processes as well. With a combined verification system, the informations of the clients are kept secured and confidential. Mainly this concept is motivating the world in using credit cards as favorite transaction method for purchasing in the local stores. For an online store, it is impossible to pay without a credit card even today.First of all, the ancient way of verification is definitely the AVS system that stands for Address Verification System. In this method, the address of the customer is verified comparing with the address associated with the credit card. After a certain time, the idea seemed incapable of meeting the demands. The credit card owners used to move elsewhere and the addresses were not same after they shifted their home. In this situation, a few new ideas came out for credit card verification purpose. There are few informations written on the card itself that are used for verification purpose. These are now used for combined verification system. The credit cards are not denied if they fail to cross the AVS verification system. However, the merchant can decide if he is going to accept payments with that credit card or not. After this primary credit card verification system, CVV and CVV2 are used. CVV stands for card verification value that is denoted by four digit number.

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