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Have you ever wondered how some people can start an Internet Business in less than a week and go on to become the archetypal Rags To Riches success? Yet others will just fall by the wayside or become yet another Also Ran from the promise and hype with which the Internet is littered ( I don’t mean to frighten you off but, just for the record, only 3% will succeed ).I’m assuming you’ve read a fair bit of the hype already ( oh, surely now, you must know what I’m talking about ). So, let’s address the reason why so many are going to fall through the net – and yes, that means the same people making the same mistakes time and time again. This article is meant to put in perspective your goal to start an Internet Business in less than a week, after which you may well decide it is not for you. Then again, you may just decide that you are, indeed, one of the gifted 3%!Let’s look at what it takes, shall we, step by step?Attitude Probably the most over hyped word in the universe — a positive attitude means a lot but it’s not the full story by any means; although I will concede that all things being equal, the more positive person will triumph over the negative one.A Good SponsorYou want one that thinks like you and shares your values. You’ll get over your differences if you have enough in common ( a bit like being married, I guess ). Remember though, there has to be something for the sponsor to work with in the first place ( translate that as a contribution from you ). It’s like any team work — if it’s a good partnership, it’ll exceed expectations.A System That Works For YouI cannot over estimate the importance of this. If, like me, the process of selling continues to be a dark art — and that is despite having run my own business for over 15 years — you want a system that will do this bit for you. One that automates the work as much as possible is also a plus.The Right Training Ahhh, the holy grail of running a business. I suspect this is where 99% of the 97% get it wrong. It is also where most people are going to bottle out because the training required to be successful is particularly hard work. For some reason, most seem to think that they will be successful on the Internet with the minimum of work and effort. Sorry — but if this is what you think, I would get out now before you get in, so to speak. As an example, I have run a bricks and mortar business for over 15 years and have found that setting up on the Internet is no easier ( although eventually, more of the business is automated and therefore, less time consuming ).Supportive Backup I like an Internet Forum where I can bang an idea around a bit with like minded souls as well as some Central Technical Support. I’ll also mention training again, although some would say that the better the training and education, the more questions will creep up on you, creating more questions etc…at least you know you’re learning when this starts to happen.Finally, You! OK, I know I said attitude wasn’t everything but you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that you do matter in this business — it’s just that you have to learn how to make yourself useful to others. in other words, how to sell yourself.To concludeWith all these things in place, you can effectively learn how to start an Internet Business in less than a week. Remember, though, that you will have to work very hard. The customers will not just begin to come in like magic. To put it another way — The start is only the end of the beginning and not the beginning of the end…( one hopes ! ).If you’re interested in joining me as you start an Internet Business in less than a week, then please come to my website where you can get involved straight away or request more information.

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Using my previous experience of running a business for 15 years, I enjoy helping people set up business in my Internet Marketing Team.  I have a particular slant towards  article marketing, being a paid publisher within the field of my work as an Approved Driving Instructor. Hilary HughesIf you’re interested in joining me as you start an Internet Business in less than a week, then please come to my website where you can get involved straight away or request more information. Hoping to hear from you soon.
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