Switch To The Business Gold Card from American Express For The Best Card Protection

The global financial services company, American Express is famous for its credit card & traveler’s check businesses and for its charge cards. The Business Gold Card from American Express that offers the best card protection and services is an excellent financial tool for running a business.

The card is designed for the business owners, having a good credit and wanting free participation in the Membership Rewards program. This card requires the business owners to pay the full balance every month and this keeps a check on the piling up of   high credit card debt. This proves very advantageous for businesses in the long run.

The card is flexible also as its reward program has a better variety of services and merchandise than the other credit cards. Furthermore, the points you earn never expire and are limitless. The benefits this card offers are characteristic of the American Express business credit cards.

The card helps you to save your business expenditure and comes with an annual fee. The Business Gold Card from American Express enrolls you automatically to the membership rewards program offered by the American Express.

Your first purchase on the card lets you earn 5000 bonus reward points. After you spend $20000 on your card, you will again get 5000 membership reward points. If you spend an average of $5000 every month, you will obtain 60000 points. On your renewal of the card at the end of the first year, you will derive 10000 bonus points.

The introductory annual percentage rate (APR), introductory APR period and the regular APR are all “n/a” as you are not allowed to carry balance over time. The first year fee-free option allows you to make a savings of $125. There are no pre-set expenditure limit and no finance charges on the card. You can easily avail of the benefits of this card, if you have an excellent credit.

You can easily redeem your points for the business related items, which includes entertainment events, office equipment and travel. With Business Gold Card from American Express, you can obtain unlimited points, which do not have any expiry dates. You may save your points over many years for a high-end merchandise purchase.

The business card also provides you ongoing savings and discounts at the business establishments, like AT&T, FedEx, Hertz and Staples.

The card offers access to savings on hotel, car and air reservations, which can be booked through the Online Business Travel Center, numerous Internet account related services, access to expense management reports that are compatible with QuickBooks.

Business Gold Card from American Express also offers return protection, purchase protection, lost and damaged luggage insurance, emergency card replacement, identity theft assistance, travel accident insurance up to $100000Science Articles, emergency check cashing and other similar services.

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