Taking control of performance based outcomes

The problem is that you really can’t control what action a visitor takes once they visit your website.

But one thing you definately can control is your online purchase decisions.

(unless you happen to be my wife!)And I bet you didn’t know that each and every one of those controlled purchase decisions of yours can gain a buyer willing to make a controlled purchase decision through one of your affiliate links!Not only that, but why limit your affiliate links to the traffic of your own website/s when you can freely enter them into a huge, growing community database of like minded affiliate marketers and profit from a captive audience willing to create multiple win-win scenarios.

Imagine a world where instead of having to cloak or hide your affiliate links (as per your website/s), you can openly show your affiliate links to other affiliate marketers who may even be promoting the same product/s. This is because of a brand new service that simply converts affiliates from being competitors into becoming collaborative partners.

This service is called a “Customer Acquisition Exchange” and is facilitated through a process known as “Customer Reciprocation”. Customer reciprocation simply describes the partnering of two parties (affiliate marketers) to become each other’s customer.

The identical situation applies to merchants regardless of whether they sell just their own product/s or have affiliate links on their website as well.

They can exert a measure of control over their own sales simply through their own purchase decisions. This is because a “Customer Acquisition Exchange” treats the merchant as if they were an affiliate of their own product/s.

It makes huge sense for merchants to benefit from the exposure obtainable through such a database because they can also super-leverage off the purchase decisions of any of their own affiliates who may already be part of this vast and growing community.

For more information on super-leveraging off a merchant’s own affiliates read the following article “How I offered my products at a massive discount without lowering my price”.

In the same way as affiliate marketers are convertedFree Reprint Articles, the merchant environment is changed from a competing to a co-operating one creating win-win partnership outcomes for all.

A “Customer Acquisition Exchange” should form part of any merchant/affiliate marketer’s arsenal in the battle to drive additional sales volumes. It offers a cost effective addition to the traffic generation techniques currently in vogue as well as a complimentary role to the services that affiliate networks presently offer.

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