Testimonials Are Your Ace in the Hole

As a merchant looking to see your products and services online, creating and cultivating relationships
with your satisfied customers can be extremely beneficial to your
procurement of more customers that are willing to try out your
products.  Word of mouth still works extremely well for local services
and products, but online, this sort of promotion can take the form of
customer testimonials, recommendations, and referrals.  If you are
currently running or are a member of an affiliate program, it is
advisable that your affiliates author detailed, first-hand reviews and
recommendations; but even better than these are testimonials from
satisfied customers, and these can be the key to your overwhelming


well-written testimonials from your affiliates can definitely be
persuasive and extremely worthwhile, these affiliates are your
representatives and are essentially being paid to crow about your
products and services.  True “thumbs-ups” that come from satisfied
customers that are not on your company’s payroll are undeniably
effective.  Even small quotes like “never a better product” or “would
buy again and again” collected from those your company has served well
can provide the extra motivation and boost necessary to coax a new
customer into reaching for his or her credit card.  Seeing and reading
how your products have positively affected others can be extremely
beneficial for your marketing campaigns.  Providing a feedback area
where customers are able to provide their thoughts and experiences is
an excellent way to collect positive comments without actually looking
for or soliciting them.  Simply having a spot where customers may leave
their input can work to your benefit; a simple “tell us what you think”
can make your valued customers want to submit their true customer experiences, allowing you to reap the great rewards of their words’ promotional value. 


Emailing your customers as a simple follow up to their purchasing
is an excellent way to receive quality referrals and recommendations. 
Make sure and ask their permission before posting their comments
however.  Using comments made in personal communication between
yourself and a customer as part of your promotional campaign should
always beokayed by the customer; without doing soHealth Fitness Articles, you run the risk of losing their support and their business. 
Providing incentives to your satisfied customers can be an excellent
way to receive referrals and testimonials in return as well.  Add an
extra gift upon purchase and comment if you are able.  The returns you
will experience as a result of your customers’ testimonial submissions
will be undeniable and finding a way to use them in your product
promotion will be undeniably beneficial to your success!

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