The 5 greatest Apple Products


IPadOnly Apple and only Steve Jobs could create demand for a product that wasn’t a necessity like the iPad. The tablet shaped computer, which was released in 2010 by Jobs and Apple sold like hot cakes.Essentially a computer without a key board and a touch screen the device had no defined use, though when people purchased it ,it fitted into areas of their lives to the extent it is now irreplaceable. The device can be used for everything from designing items, to surfing the Internet, to watching movies.It also has Apple’s typical style and attention to aesthetics, which makes it an amazing looking tablet. The original iPad was replaced in March of 2011 with the iPad. This came with a dual core processor, was slimmer and also had a number of other hard ware and software upgrades – once again demand was unprecedented and the High Priest of Apple presided over a hugely successful campaign.MacBookHaving reinvented the computer in the late 1970s, Apple did so again at the turn of the millennium. The MacBook provided a compact and extremely stylish option for those who wanted to compute on the move and look good while doing so.The computer didn’t have the power of some of the PCs at the time, but the amazingly intuitive operating system and beautiful shape trumped people who wanted a beautiful, luxury product to work on. The aluminium body is beautiful and strong and this is one of the products Jobs introduced after being reinstated by Apple, which saved the company from death.PowerBook Duo 230The PowerBook Duo came about in 1994; this relatively small laptop with a 9inch screen and at what the time was a super fast 33Mhz Motorola processor was a bit of a speed demon. The laptop came with a trackball, an innovation at the time, weighed less than a kilo and had a 640x400p screen.This combination of innovation and power may look nothing now but at the time it put this device at the top of the pile and was one of Apple’s greatest ever creations.Apple iPhoneWho isn’t familiar, doesn’t have or doesn’t wish to have an iPhone. Released in 2007 and followed up with the app store in 2008, the iPhone is was the first popular smart phone. Its mixture of looks, power and the intuitive operating system, meant that the device is one of the most hailed pieces of consumer tech ever.The device was one of the first to allow users to use applications and offered amazing visuals on its screen. The aluminium body meant it was not only strong but also very pretty. It took a year before the device became big, with the entrance of widespread 3G, though it cracked the market. With apps as far divided as Sky Digital to Angry Birds, this is all things to all men.There had been smarter, faster, more powerful devices before, but Apple’s innovation, engineering, design and market knowhow had made the iPhone the number one on the smart phone market.IPodBack in 2000, when we all carried about CD players and the like, one man had a vision and released the seminal device of the last decade, the iPod. This little device, about the size of a packet of cigarettes could hold thousands of songs at high quality.The device with its white earphones and roller touch pad is an icon of consumer technology. The thought of being able to hold many gigabytes of music on a single and beautiful device seemed astounding then, though it is common place now.If the MacBook took Apple from the brink, it was the iPod that made it what it is today. This piece of technology is the finest example of Apple’s engineering, smarts and risk taking. It is Steve Jobs ultimate creation and Apple’s greatest achievement.

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