The beauty of decisions


Last week we talked about determination and how having it can help us move forward in our lives and obtain what we truly desire. Great, so now you have the determination to get what you want… but wait, there is so much you want that you don’t know where to begin.  As a Life Coach, I ask my clients questions to help them MAKE decisions that will assist them with reaching their goals.  The important piece is to MAKE an active decision so you aren’t left there standing, looking around, wondering why you haven’t gotten what you wanted.  Because when you fail to decide, you fail to move forward.And don’t think you’re off the hook if you experienced a situation where you simply didn’t take action, because – yup, when you take no action, that’s also a decision!I bet you don’t like that one bit.  I don’t either.  I have about 15 books that I started reading over the past few years that I have not finished. I took no action. So my decision NOT to finish them has now left me with new choices to make — like, just what do I do with all these books? Wouldn’t it be easier to decide to finish reading them, all of them? Truthfully, yes it would because then I wouldn’t have so much to make up my mind about. But in reality, I need to make a decision about which books to finish and when I’m going to do it — and that’s when it gets tricky.So then, where in your life does the “tricky” part show up that keeps you from making decisions?  Where could you make a choice that would open a door or even several doors of opportunity to you?  Is there a conversation with someone that you think will be difficult so you keep putting it off?  Do you need to decide that yes or no you’ll join that coaching program?  Do you need to let go of something?  Is there some information you need before you make the decision?  Whatever it is, you have to face it head on and move beyond it. If you need to seek the counsel of others, do it. Otherwise you will continue to fail moving forward.One thing I have experienced and trust is that once you do make the decision, doors will magically open – maybe even fly open.  So make the decision to get what you want, and trust that you’ll get it and a whole lot more!Since last week you have been working on your determination, let’s keep the momentum rolling and add decision to your plan.  What is ONE decision you can make this week that will open a door so that you move closer to what it is you want?I’d love to hear what your decision is; feel free to let me know!

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