The Card That You Use To Pay The Rental Fee Is Important


For most things that you pay for it doesn’t seem to matter much whether you use a credit or a debit card when you do to pay. Most places don’t have a policy about preferring either way. That does not include the companies that rent vehicles though. Many of these are very specific about the type of card that they want for you to use when you rent from them. To be on the safe side you should ask about using a debit card beforehand.One company, Thrifty , will require that you have a minimum of 2500 dollars in your bank account to be allowed to rent a vehicle. If you do have this amount on your card then you will be charged that, and it won’t go back on the account for a few days. Imagine the delight during a vacation getaway that you can’t get to your cash for the first few days. Above all to avoid trouble only rent from Thrifty if you are using a credit card.At Enterprise, they may forget to ask you if it is a debit or credit card when you make your reservation but that very simply is not their problem when you arrive to pick up your rental vehicle you may just find that you have to provide pay stubs and clean utility bills in order to pick up your vehicle. And if you don’t have them well then they will happily send you packing, after all it is not their problem that you don’t meet the criteria for a rental.It is common for vehicle rental places to put holds on your debit cards when you go to get a car. Some of these are pretty high. That is why no matter where you are going and whoever you plan on renting with, it makes sense to get the info about what their policy is before you reserve a vehicle. It would ruin many vacations to have your money stuck on hold for even a short while.When at all possible, simply use a credit card for your rental vehicle as this will help to ensure that you don’t hit any of the stumbling blocks that using a debit card may present. When traveling internationally this can become a significant hassle, especially when language can be another barrier that you have to overcome.

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