The Chase PerfectCard Is Better Than Your Gas Credit Card

Understanding the needs of its customers, Chase has introduced The Chase PerfectCard. The card is for the benefit of the people who have fantastic credit and make frequent gas purchases.

The Chase PerfectCard enables you earn good rebates on gasoline purchase and that irrespective of brand. The oil company credit cards allow the cardholders to use their card at certain gas stations only; however, this is not the case with The Chase PerfectCard TM.

You can avail of a 6% rebate that is applicable to all gasoline purchases made in the initial period of 90 days. Thereafter, you will be allowed only 3% rebate on all gas purchases. You even earn a 1% rebate on all the other purchases, no matter where you make your purchases.

Apart from the rebate program, the card also offers more facilities like a maximum of $500000 in travel accident insurance, purchase protection plan, and auto rental insurance.

The card has a 0% introductory rate applicable on balance transfers as well as on purchases for the initial period of 12 months based on your credit background. The annual percentage rate (APR) rises from 0% to 14.24% after the end of the introductory period. In comparison to the other gas credit cards, the APR is quite modest. You will find it convenient that there is no annual fee associated with this card.

The card will benefit you immensely if you have plans to pay in full after the termination of the introductory period and make the maximum use of card for your purchases. This way, you will be able to avoid finance charges and simultaneously gain rewards, i.e., earn great rebates.

The credit card also comes with benefits like a purchase protection plan, auto rental insurance and travel accident insurance. The cardholders will receive lost and stolen card replacement, emergency card and cash replacement, and fraud as well as security protection services. It provides platinum benefits concerning travel and emergency assistant services.

The Chase PerfectCard enables you to enjoy a gas credit card with the rabate program making you save on fuel costs in the face of rising oil prices.

Like most of the other credit cards, the Chase PerfectCard also provides its customers different account related services, no liability for unauthorized transactions, a financial statement at the end of the year, and more benefits.

However, you need to be careful about the applicable restrictions, exclusions and limitations. Always refer to the Guide to Benefits for the details when opening an account.

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