The Chase PerfectCard MasterCard – The Perfect Credit Card?

When you use the Chase PerfectCard everywhere else you get 1% cash back. Think of how much you’d save on your gas bill each year. It doesn’t make sense to use cash or your debit card.

Most gas credit cards are applicable at just one gas station. If you’re low on gas do you always want to go out of the way to a certain gas station? You could run out of gas driving across town to the other station. Or do you want to fill your wallet with a different credit card for each gas station? Your heavy wallet would weigh you down, nevermind the time it would take to search through those cards every day.

Another perk of this credit card is a 0% introductory rate on purchases and balance transfers for 12 months. For the first year there is no annual fee either. There is only a $19 annual fee if the cardholder doesn’t make 9 purchases in the prior year. So the Chase PerfectCard can earn rebates that aren’t eaten up by credit card fees.

There is a limit to the cash you can get back with this credit card. Each month you can get up to $15 back on gas. That works out to $500 in gas purchases for one month. That should cover the average person’s fuel expenses. Up to $15 of free gas in a month sounds like too good an offer to pass up. Plus there is no limit to amount of rebates that can be earned from other purchases.

This credit card makes cash back more convenient too. Rebates you earn are automatically credited toward future purchases. Other cards often mail gift certificates or checks, which just delays your money.

You don’t lose other platinum credit card features like purchase assurance, extended warranty protection, and travel accident insurance. The Chase PerfectCard MasterCard gives you everything and then some more. It lives up to its name.

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