The Cheeseburger and the Feminine Spirit (An adventure in perspective.)

Thursday nights are my favorite night of the week.  You see, Thursdays I usually spend the day at my husband, Jeff’s office, bringing the Coach Joelle joy to the team at Webtego!  It is always a full day, and when we are heading for the door, around 6:30-7 we will pick a spot to go for our Thursday night dinner. 

There is always so much to talk about after a day sharing the same space and even sharing the same conversations but coming from two unique perspectives.  With neither of us having the capacity to read each other’s minds (I am still working on getting that chip installed) and there not being the time or the space to speak all our thoughts and opinions during the work day, this debrief is always a lively conversation.

One particular Thursday at a local bistro, we had just opened a bottle of wine and started on the crudités when the conversation changed from work and thoughts of our future to an intriguing picture across the side wall.

“Look at the gentle lines, the flow, the goddess energy.” I said.  “I love how it looks like angles!  A beautiful representation of the feminine spirit.”“Huh?” Said Jeff.  “What are you looking at?”“The picture!” I said incredulously.  “Oh, I don’t see that.”“Ok, so what do YOU see??”“Cheeseburger.” He said matter-of-factly.“A cheeseburger?”“Yep, undeniably, a cheeseburger.”

At which point our server came by so we invited her to join in the lively debate.  “Look at that picture and tell us what you see.” I asked.   “I see women” she said, “Ah ha!” I said, shooting Jeff a look of triumph!  But then “…. “Oh wait a minute…. Or maybe a whale.”

And so goes life. 

One person sees a heartless jerk, another sees a shrewd business person.One person sees a pushy salesman and another sees a top producer.One person calls it “rustic” the other calls it “old”.One person calls it “fabulous” the other calls it “flashy” or “obnoxious”.Such is the dilemma of the cheeseburger and the feminine spirit.

It is as though life is an abstract painting for us to interpret and delight in.  The thing is, we have each been trained in different schools of art appreciation.  You were trained to love Monet, I was trained that Dali is the epitome of fine art and still someone else was told the only art worth its paint must be Modern.   We each come at life with our unique and individual perspectives, our own interpretations and our point of view.  Of course, we do not see them as out perspective, we usually call our particular point of view, “the truth” as in capitol T, Truth!

By being open to my husband’s point of view, by trying on what he saw, I not only can see the feminine spirit in the painting but I can also see the cheeseburger and the whale! Because I was open to exploring a new point of view, there are three paintings for me to choose from where before there was only one. Not only can I allow him to continue to have his cheeseburger point of view without trying to pressure, cajole or attempt to force him to my way of seeing,  but I can actually thank him for sharing his cheeseburger with me.   I can thank him for broadening my horizons and opening me up to new possibilities.

The invitation: Next time someone has a view contrary to your own, try on that their view or their truth may be equally as valid as the one you hold.  Try seeing things from their perspective and see if it opens anything up for you.  Another thing to try is the next time you have a point of view on something and it is disempowering for you (leaves you feeling hopeless, frustrated, angry or upset) take a look and see if there is something new there for you.  Is there a bright side to your dilemma, how about a window opening where a door closed, or perhaps a previously hidden lesson?  Is there a little bit of feminine spirit hidden in your cheeseburger?

Our truths, our beliefs and our points of view are part of who we are.  They guide our choices and create our lives and I offer that by being open to a new point of view, by being open to possible new truths, you open up to new worlds in which to experience lifeArticle Submission, play and create.

Enjoy playing with your new set of eyes.

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