The Dangers of Shredding Services – Why You Need a Paper Shredder

The use of a shredding service may seem like a good thing, especially
if the company you use offers on-site document destruction. But even if
they do, you need to remember that your private information is still
being handled by strangers. Even if the company seems trustworthy,
there’s always a chance that there could be a dishonest employee who’s
looking to steal your data. Your documents could also be lost or stolen
en route to the destruction site and you might never find out about it.
Besides, just because you hand your documents over to somebody else
doesn’t mean you’re legally off the hook for the information. Your
company must still comply with certain types of privacy laws, such as
those pertaining to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability
Act (HIPPA) and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA).
You don’t want to get into legal trouble for not abiding by these
rules. So that, combined with the high risk of information theft,
should convince you that having an in-house paper shredder is a good
idea. You’ll be able to rest easy when you know exactly what happened
to your confidential information – and you won’t need to worry about
hiring expensive lawyers.

A paper shredder is typically a one-time investment: you buy it and
you’re done. Compare that with the ongoing cost of a shredding service.
While it may seem like you’re paying only for the cost of the shredding
itself, you’re really paying for the company’s operational costs which
will increase every year. These include employee salaries, insurance
premiums, and the price of transportation, including gas which is
always getting more expensive. Why pay for all these things repeatedly
when you can simply buy a paper shredder? Not only does buying one
ensure your privacy, it protects your company’s image – and your bottom

By nowPsychology Articles, you know that the drawbacks and potential dangers of
outsourcing your document destruction far outweigh the benefits.
Choosing to buy and use your own paper shredder is the best way to cut
your overhead costs and safeguard your company’s sensitive information.
Buy a paper shredder today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with
knowing exactly what happens to your documents and your money.

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