The Frugal Marketer’s Guide to Finding The Best Ecommerce Web Hosting

So you want a web host that you can count on, be problem-free, and won’t cost much. Here are six of the really important things to look for when choosing the right web host for you.1.  How long have they been in business?  When it comes to your business, you want to work with a company that has been around long enough to have perfected what they do.2.  Do they have excellent customer support that is available 24/7* Is their website professional looking?  There is nothing worse than having your site go down and having to wait until they decide to come to work.  The hours seem like days and will be costing you money.3.  Do they have a professional looking site themselves?  You can bet that if a hosting company has an unprofessional website then the company isn’t keeping with the times. You want to make sure that your web host has high standards for themselves.4.  Are they certified hacker safe?  If you are going to be collecting customer information on your site, then you absolutely have to know that your clients’ information is safe.  If this gets lost, it can kill your business.5.  Are they willing to help you get set up – at no charge?  Services like free transfer of your domains, files, databases, etc. is a huge time saver, and if they truly want you to do business with them, they’ll help you take care of these matters.  A truly friendly host will give you a domain name for free.6.  Are they asking a reasonable fee for what they offer?  Though they may be difficult to find, there are several good and reliable hosting companies for under $10 per month.  Your web hosting should be one thing where you set it up and can forget about it after that.  This is one aspect of having a website that you don’t want to spend your time once you’re underway.  If you currently have a host where you know everyone in the support department from calling so muchComputer Technology Articles, then perhaps you should consider switching to a more reliable provider.

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