The Good Thing About Small Business Credit Cards to Business Owners


If you are a small business owner, perhaps you’ve been thinking of ways on how to establish a credit history for your company.  One of the best tools available for you is a small business credit card.  In this article, let’s discuss why small business credit cards are good for small business owners and the factors that you should look for in a business credit card.Benefits of Small Business Credit CardsApplying for a business credit card is so much easier than trying to get a business loan.  For new businesses who haven’t started on building their business credit, a secured business credit card is the most appropriate choice.  In fact, secured business credit cards are designed not only for businesses that needs to improve their credit history but for businesses that have not yet established their own line of credit as well.Managing your business finances are also made more convenient with the help of a small business credit card.  With a business credit card, you can separate your business funds from your personal savings to avoid confusion especially as your business begins to grow and you incur more expenses. Usually, an online access is provided by the business credit card provider so you can check on your business account right from your computer at any time.  In fact, account statements are often made in a format that matches the accounting software commonly used by business owners to help with their accounting tasks.If you have a staff of people working for you, you can also give them their own small business credit cards that they can use for business-related expenses.  Tracking their expenditures will be easy since everything they charge on their credit card will be reflected on your credit card’s monthly billing statement.Essential Factors to Look for In a Business Credit CardJust like when searching for a standard credit card, you should check on the business credit card’s interest rate.  If you don’t have a business credit history, your personal credit history would be used as a basis for your approval.  If you have excellent credit rating, you can ask for lower interest rates and higher credit limit.   The type of the interest rate is just as important as you don’t want to be stuck with a credit card that changes rates based on the Prime Rate market.However, the interest rate should not be the only cost you should check on.  Don’t forget to inquire about the annual fees, penalty charges, transaction fees, along with the terms and conditions of your business credit card company.   Also, consider the additional features that you’ll be provided with such as an online account access, zero liability fraud protection service, additional credit cards for your employees, travel insurance, higher credit limit and the quality of the business credit card’s customer service.  All these credit card features will enable you to get the most out of your business credit card and use it for the better management of your business.

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