The Human Touch

Sure, the e-tools available for an online merchant are great.
We have up to the minute product selection on our web pages, and
autoresponders that can follow up requests. We have our own
online mall, immediate payment methods to prevent that “cooling
off” period, secure sites for financial transactions, and all
sorts of e-tools at our disposal. But what is wrong? You’re not
being overwhelmed with sales, and barely making expenses.

Stop for a moment. Why are potential customers leaving your
e-store without placing an order. Assuming you have a decent
product and prices, why are they not buying.

Possibly they have questions that are not being answered, and
would like to talk with a live human being. The brick and mortar
store has the edge over the e-store, when faced with a customer
that needs personal contact to feel comfortable.

If someone has reached this point, usually all they need is a
little assurance before placing their order. And here is the
funny part – they may not even want to talk with someone, but may
just want to be sure there is someone they can contact if there
is a problem.

If you don’t list proper contact information at your virtual
business, you may be losing customers. Your name and e-mail
address will go a long way. Even better, give them a physical
address and a telephone number they can call. You may wish to
have an “800” number, but you will get a lot of “tire kickers”.
Even if you don’t give a free number, just the fact that there is
a number listed goes a long way in allaying their fears.

Let your potential customers know that if they have questions,
they can email you their phone number, and you will call them.
Many times, they won’t as all they really wanted was to know is
that they are dealing with a real person.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – consider putting
your picture on your web site. This gives instant identification
to your name and goes a long way in building customer confidence.

E-commerce is here to stayFree Articles, but the mortality rate of “wannabes”
will be high. Those that remember the “Human Touch” will be
among the survivors.

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