The Importance of Credit Card Knives and Their Various Uses


A handy and sharp credit card knife can be one of the most essential things to have in your pocket nowadays. As suggestive of its name, a credit card knife is simply a fordable pocket knife that takes up the shape and form of a standard platinum credit card when not in use. When folded, this handy tool can weigh around 13 grams and can be approximately 13 mm thick.However, once the tool is unfolded it easily transforms into a 65 mm thick blade, providing you with a handy tool that’s good for various occasions. In order to prevent any form of accidents from happening, it’s best for the user to be familiar with all the features this tool has to offer.This tool is great for various occasions, especially for various outdoor activities. It’s nice to bring a long a handy pocket knife during fishing and hunting trips, diving lessons, camping trips, and even during sailing. Aside from that, this tool can also serve as a good subtle weapon for self defense.A person can easily place the credit card knife in his/her pocket or purse or somewhere he/she can easily reach whenever he/she is assaulted or harassed. Nevertheless, anyone who owns a pocket credit card knife or any type of pocket knife for that matter should remember to use this weapon only as a last resort. More importantly, these tools should only be used for self-defense and not for threatening or confronting anyone. The credit card knife or any other self-defense tool should be used to injure the attacker in order to buy more time to flee from the scene. Unless cornered, then there is no need to kill the person.Apart from functioning as a tool for self-defense, a credit card knife can also be used for repairing a variety of things. This tool can also be used to scrape away rust, glue, labels, as well as paint whenever necessary. A sharp pocket knife can easily substitute a screwdriver or a pair of scissors whenever both items are not readily available. A credit card knife can also be used to fix any minor wardrobe emergencies. It can even be used as for various first aid purposes such as cutting out bandages or slingsThere are actually more ways to make use of this handy credit card knife. Since it comes in a highly portable form, it can be brought anywhere. But in order to really maximize its uses, it’s highly essential to remember to clean the blade regularly to keep it sharp.

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