The Instant Entrepreneur

The Instant Entrepreneur
By William Cate
Published July 1998
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If you create a startup national company, you’ll spend most of your risk
capital trying to find customers. Ninety-eight percent of the time, you’ll

You may have a great new product or service that everybody needs.
Nevertheless, the world still won’t beat a path to your door. You won’t
generate hordes of customers without spending tons of money and years of
your life.

Your alternative to creating a startup company is to do a turnaround.
This means rescuing an existing business on the verge of failure. You’ll
buy the company for pennies on the dollar. You’ll make it profitable,
within a year. You can find turnaround information at your local business
library. You can surf the Net for turnaround information. You must get a
feel for the turnaround process before you try it. To succeed, you must
avoid the mistakes of the current business owners.

Pick your turnaround company carefully. It should have a loyal customer
base. It should make a product or offer a service compatible with your
startup company plans.

Your first goal is to make the turnaround company profitable. The basic
steps are reduce your overhead and expand your market. List your shares
with the help of CFG [] Move your share
price to ten dollars. Use your stock to buy CASH-PRODUCING assets.

Once your company has strong cashflow, launch your great new product or
service. Your initial buyers are your turnaround customers and the
customers of your public company’s acquisitions. Invest your profits into
marketing your new product or service. Build your corporate revenues to a
hundred million dollars by expanding your customer base and acquiring
stronger cash-producing assets for your public company. You can complete
the process in 5-7 years. Sell your company at Market Capitalization and
join the “Rich and Famous” or repeat the process.

The Instant Entrepreneur Strategy gives you the cashflow to sustain your
corporate growth. It gives your company the credibility to raise money. It
makes entry of your new product or service into the market less expensive,
because you are selling your new product or service to your EXISTING
customer base.

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