The LG Optimus 2X Boasts a Dual-Core Processor For A Lightning Fast User Interface

The new LG Optimus 2X is a stunningly fast device, boasting a
dual-core processor, with a customized Android interface to fit the bill. This
sounds great on paper but what does this mean in terms of everyday usage?

LG has decided to concentrate on making the LG Optimus 2X as fast
as possible, with the processor handling any task you throw at it. If dual-core
technology is here to stay, then smartphones are going to get much more
powerful, very quickly. The Optimus 2X is fast, stunningly so, outdoing its single-core
opponents’ offerings.


Apart from being fast, designers concentrated on the interface
being smooth. If there’s one thing to love about Apple’s products, that’s the
silky, well-oiled, and still super smooth user experience. If you want to zoom
in, just flick your fingers. Want to scroll down fast, just flick your fingers.
The LG Optimus 2X is the Android phone coming closest to this, and that is
something to be commended. Naturally, it can be asked why are we concerning
ourselves with Apple in a review of an LG product, but the answer is simple: it
is because Android is doing it, they want to beat iOS in its own game, and with
LG they have come surprisingly close to achieving it.


 Seeing it in comparison
with other phones using the same Android 2.2 interface, or Froyo for short, the
difference is significant, and awesome to operate, adding a noticeable new
dimension to everyday usage.


It features a new version of Google Maps to help you navigate. The
update is coming to other platforms as well, but still it looks awesome to look
down on buildings like you are in a helicopter. It features an app to help you
find the best choices on Android Market called the App Advisor.

On the other hand, LG preloaded a lot of applications right on the
phone for users’ convenience. Some you might find useful, some not, but then
again removing them is as simple as a flick of your finger. The weather app
provides a nice addition: on request it takes into account the wind outside and
tells you how cold or hot it feels outside.


The 8 megapixel camera is great; it takes nice pictures even
without the LED flash on, and in poor light. What you shoot is easy to share
over Twitter or Facebook, due to the built-in share capabilities. Another area
where the LG Optimus 2X trumps the vast majority of its rivals is in its
ability to capture 1080p HD video footage. Most smartphones which capture HD
does so in 720p, so as you may expect, the results of the Optimus 2X’s video
camera function is simply stunning.


It also features an HDMI port, so it lets you play back HD videos,
should the need arise, and it does have the power to do it without a hitch.
Also, the phone is equipped with DLNA, giving users the opportunity to
wirelessly stream multimedia to a compatible TV to enjoy it on the big screen.


Anyhow, the phone’s pure speed is amazing. It does have some small
flaws that come from Android tweaks, but they will no doubt be remedied in
future updates of the software. All in all, the LG Optimus 2X boasts a user
experience not found on any other phone, and if you are interested in
performance and featuresFeature Articles, this is the phone for you.

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