The Most Important Contents for an Effective Business Card Design

Every businessman must a have a business
card to promote his company among his potential customers and business
associates. When you go to a business meeting or seminar, always carry your
business card with you and hand it over to the people you meet there. Make sure
that your business card contains all the vital information about you and your

People often give too much emphasis on
the colors and images, but forget to insert the essential contents in their business card
. If your card does not feature all the necessary information,
your potential customers won’t be able to contact you. In this article I will
discuss the most vital contents of a business card.

Give Your Name– A business card without the card
owner’s name is like a car without a number plate. Don’t forget to put your
name in your business card. Use a standard font and maintain the font size for
better readability.

Give Your Company Name– Whether you own a multinational company
or a small local company, it obviously has a name. You must include your
company’s name in your business card. When someone receives a business card, he
notices the company name at first, and if you don’t give your company name, your
card won’t serve its purpose.

Add Your Logo– Your corporate logo is the most
important element of your corporate identity design. Add your corporate logo in
your card and help your customers easily identify your company.

Job Title– You should write your job title below
your name. Otherwise, your clients won’t realize whether they are contacting
the chairman of the company or some junior staff.

Write About Your Business– Only the company name is not enough to
inform people about your business. Give a brief introduction of your business
and highlight the services you offer.

Phone Number– The main purpose of designing a
business card is to increase your business. Give your phone number in the card,
so that your customers can contact you instantly when they need your service.

Email Address– If you have an official email address
then put it in your business card as well. Some of your clients may like to
write their needs in detail and email is the best medium of communication for

There is another benefit of email. When
you talk with someone over phone, you may forget some points, but when you
communicate via email, you can read your client’s mail peacefully and write a
proper business proposal.

Give Your Website Address– Everyone likes to check the services of
a company before contacting the company owner. You should give your website
address in your business card, so that your potential clients can check your
website and learn about your services in detail. Give every detail about your
company and post some testimonials in your website to convince the clients.

Office Address– Some of your clients may like to visit
your office and discuss about their projects. You should give your office
address in the business card for their benefit. Also, when you include your
office address, it shows you are an established company.

Design It Artistically– Use proper graphics, images, and fonts
in your business card to give it an appealing look. If your business card
design is unique, your potential clients will keep your card in their purse and
will contact you when they need your service.

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