The Truth About Spine Surgery: Top 7 Back Pain Myths Busted

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If you have an eye problem, the Best Ophthalmologist in Delhi NCR can fix you up in no time. It is only when people experience a back ache do they shrink in fear from going to a spine surgeon. What are the myths about back pain? Is surgery inevitable? What can be the consequences of chronic back pain? Let us separate fact from fiction as we learn more about spine surgery in Delhi NCR and how surgical operations may sometimes be better than bearing the pain.


The truth is that spine surgeon’s will only recommend back surgery if you need it. Many times, back problems can be resolved without surgery. Depending upon your medical condition, surgery may or may not be the best option.


Licensed physiotherapists will guide you to strengthen your back muscles to support the spine. Gentle movements can even enhance flexibility. In fact, remaining stationary promotes muscle soreness and stiffness.


The discs located between vertebral sections of the spine cushion it against stress. These discs can rupture and irritate the nearby nerves. But surgery need not be the only option. Gentle physiotherapy coupled with pain management and anti-inflammatory medicine can work wonders for you.


Don’t think that. It is important to remember that due to mechanical factors and with wear and tear, discs gradually lose air and wear down reducing our height as we age.


Another myth is that MRI scans always show the source of the back pain. Using MRI and detailed images of organs and tissues in your body, scans can reveal annular tears, nerve compressions and herniated discs. What they cannot display are the weak muscles that are inevitably the cause of back pain.


The truth is that gentle exercise is what works best for relieving back pain. Walking, for example, gets you out of the sitting posture and into a neutral alignment.



Spinal fusion surgery which permanently joins two or more bones in the back does not require additional surgery many times. Especially if a skilled surgeon is carrying out the procedure.  In fact, activity modifications, medication and gentle exercise will ensure that surgery almost always results in positive outcomes.



Spine surgery need not be the perfect solution for back pain. Instead a combination of gentle exercise and comfortable stretches can relieve the pain. If you are looking to get rid of back painFeature Articles, try all options and make sure you consult a certified medical practitioner regarding the condition before drawing any conclusions.


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