Things to avoid when choosing a credit card with frequent flyer miles

Offering frequent flyer miles is a banks’ way of getting their card holders to be long term and use them often. After all it tales a long time to accumulate enough miles to take a trip. When you do get enough miles you want to make sure that you get the trip you want. The class you want, the destination you want, the seat you like. The best way to do this is make sure that the card don’t have any limitations

Before you apply for every card you with frequent flyer miles you can find, there are the things, you should take a look at. Many cards offer bonus miles just for signing up and making a first purchase, its about 10,000 – 20,000 miles. You should look for cards that reward you a mile for every dollar you spend or one point for every mile you fly. Pay close attention to the annual fee. Many credit card companies offer cards with no annual fee but only for the first year. Just know, that next year you could get charged for $50 or $75 only for the right of collecting these miles. Many banks will tel you the maximum of points you can accumulate in any given year and if you a frequent flyer you want that number be high. The more you travel the more you want the maximum point to be. You also want to make sure that your credit card company won’t take your miles if you do not use you card for a certain amount of time. Some companies do this and that is really unfair. You need to make sure that your bank will let you choose any airline and any time to travel. You don’t want to be restricted just to one airline.

Frequent flyer credit cards have some pro’s and con’s for example it is good to be able to have the miles so you can use them to book flights or book hotel roomsArticle Search, but in many cases you have to pay a booking fee which uses some of your points and frequent flyer miles do not cover children’s tickets so if you are planning a family trip you will have to pay cash for your children’s tickets.

The best way to find a credit card that is right for you and your travel schedule is to go online to a credit card comparison site and compare the credit cards. It is also best to apply online for the ones you like. Don’t worry the process is confidential and your information will not be sold. You will be able to get an instant response so that you know weather or not to apply for another card in the event you get turned down.

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