Three Services On One Bill Means Three Times the Savings with Comcast

You may have already heard of bundled services, because a lot of telecommunications service providers are offering them to their customers now. Ideally, what it means is that you would be receiving all of the services from one company and then paying for all of the services on one monthly bill, just like at Comcast.What these other service providers are doing though, is mimicking Comcast and merely selling these services together over the phone and it isn’t until you start receiving the separate bills that you realize that you have been had. There is no savings or convenience with them and in fact it can be even more confusing, because many times you have to research to find out just who you are dealing with and what numbers to call for any questions that you may have.With Comcast its simplicity and savings all rolled up into one package, because Comcast now provides three telecommunications services. You get one bill each month from Comcast and it covers all of the services that you are receiving and you pay only one fee that covers everything.Comcast has always been the leader in TV programming and they still are and in fact they have just completed upgrading their entire service infrastructure network. Comcast largest TV programming package now contains two-hundred and seventy five channels in it and you will be hard pressed to find a service provider that even comes close to that number. They also have forty audio music channels that come free in their programming packages. There is nothing more reliable than a solid cable connection and only cable can deliver on demand pay per view. Comcast now has two pay per view packages, including a standard pay per view and Premium pay per view service. Comcast is now also broadcast in an entirely digital format for a superb picture and sound every time you turn on your TV. Comcast also now has broadband high speed cable service that is the absolute latest technology in internet service. It’s six times faster than DSL and a full one-hundred times faster than standard dial up internet service.With this new speed, you can access and do so much more on the internet than you can with standard dial up service. Because you are always logged on with Comcast cable internet service there is no dial up time to wait out. For online group competition video games there is no replacement for high speed cable, because satellite high speed has a slight lag time that is caused by the signal traveling to and then from the satellite. Comcast’s digital phone service is the absolute latest technology in phone service and with this new technology come greater savings. To start with it has free long distance calling anywhere in the U.S. and Canada, including Alaska. You also get all twelve of your phone convenience features free of charge and this includes call forwarding, caller ID and voice mail,  just to name a few of them.It’s a flat rate phone service so you only pay one set fee for everything at the end of each monthFree Web Content, so there are never any surprise charges on your phone bill. 

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