Tips about runescape account recovery

What should you do
if you forgot your password of Runescape account but you can get accessed to
the registered email when your Runescape account
was created?


It is quite easy
to get your password back if you are allowed to access to the email address
when you registered you runescape account.
You can do step by step with below construction.


Firstly, you
should access to which is the homepage of Runescape and try to
log into your Runescape account.


Then click the “Forgot
Password” button. At this time, you may be allowed to login with the email
address instead of the displayer name of RS accounts.


If you are asked
to type the email address registered to your account. You may get logged
neither with your email address nor you display name. However, you should keep
in mind that you only have six chances to enter the registered email, so try
the most possible email address. I guess it is not so possible that you have
over six regularly used email address. Even you have chance to try again after
you failed six attempts.


If finally you
succeed entering the right email address, you will get a message which informs
you there is an email sent to you.


Then you can go
the email account to check the email from Jagex and this time you may need to
check your spam folders. As usually it takes only a few minutes to receive it,
you can continuously refresh you email box with five minutes.


Then you can click the link attached in the email to
reset a new password for your Runescape account. At the same time, you will
receive an email to confirm the change of your password. If you don’t know how
to do this, you can learn how to buy a runescape account
on Google, you will find many websites or forums that sell rs accounts
and you can learn many useful tips from it!


If you are not
lucky enough to receive a email, what should you do


At this time, you
can’t remember both the passwords and registered email.


You can follow
below steps if you suffer this problem.


1. Go to
and click on Forget Password when login.

2. You may need to
login with your registered email address when your RS accounts were created
rather than the display name.

3. Then you need
to go to the Appeal Form. It is imperative that you enter a current email
address which you have access to into the form where the appeal result will be

4. Press the “Send”
once you sent all information you have filed. And submit your appeal.


Once completedBusiness Management Articles, you
will receive a message on your registered email to help you make any settings
of your runescape account.


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