Tips For Getting Your High Risk Loan Approved With Horrible Credit


If you have bad credit, no one needs to remind you that your chances of getting approved for the loan that you need or want are greatly reduced. You can, however, improve your credit score and apply for loans that are meant for those with damaged credit. With a bit of work and perseverance on your part, a bad credit loan can turn your horrible credit situation around.Check Your Credit Report And ScoreIt is vital when you have bad credit and you are anticipating applying for a loan that you check your credit report and credit score to get a better idea of the exact mess your credit is in, and also to find out if anything that is being reported on your credit file is inaccurate. Many credit files actually contain information that is detrimental but untrue, so checking your credit report at least once each year is important when you are building credit or rebuilding credit following financial difficulty.There are three major credit reporting bureaus that operate within the United States; Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union. Check your report and score from each of the bureaus to make sure that your credit report is error free. And also keep in mind that just because your report appears to be accurate with one bureau, it does not mean that your report with the others is the same. Each has different sources for obtaining information about you, so check all three. You are entitled to one free copy each year of your credit report under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, but you will likely have to pay extra to see your score. What you need to look for on your credit report are dates that are report erroneously, accounts that do not belong to you or have been paid off but not noted, or other information that is in your report that you do not recognize. You have a right to dispute anything that is in your credit file, and the credit bureau reporting the information has the legal obligation to prove that the information is correct or to remove it in a timely manner.Take Out A Credit CardWhen you have bad credit, you will not usually qualify for a traditional credit card, but you can always get in on one of the prepaid credit card options on the market. These credit cards are very useful in building your credit score, if you pay on time. How it works is simple. You will open a prepaid credit card account and make a deposit that is equal to the amount of credit you want to have on the card. You can then use the credit card like a regular card, and you will receive a monthly statement and bill. With each payment that you make on the card, you can add points to your credit score. Some people take out one, two, or even three of these cards to add points fast. Be careful, however, to never exceed more than fifty percent of the available balance in one month, and always pay the credit card down to thirty percent of the available balance each month for the maximum number of points to be added to your score.These tips can help you to rebuild horrible credit, and in turn, you will find that you can qualify for better financing in the future.

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