Tips on How to Get a Good Food Processor

  First, you need to check the power of the food
processor. A machine with low power will have difficulties in completing the
difficult chores and the chances of motor burning out are higher. On the other
hand, a powerful machine will easily and quickly complete most of the grinding
and chopping tasks. Very powerful motors are usually incorporated in heavy duty
and more expensive food processors.

 Regarding the attachments included with the machine,
the more and more versatile attachments the better. The list of included
attachments can include slicer, chopper, mincer, grater disc, dough blade and
pureeing attachment. It is good to have several attachments, but in most cases
you will use only a few of them. Attachments can be optional extras or can be
included as standards.


Some models present certain risks as they can move
around while in use. It well worth to check the available safety features, for
instance the machine cannot be turned on if the bowl is not in its position.
Cheaper machines generally do not offer such safety measures, which is
potentially risky.

 Another important thing is the size of the food
processor. You need to know the amount of food you will prepare in the machine
and also how often will it be used. The capacity in measured in cup sizes and
three size models are generally available on the market. The mini size is for
up to 4 cups, the compact size can hold between 5 and 8 cups, while the full
size model can hold 9 cups and above. The mini sized model is sufficient for
you if you will rarely use it for generally small jobs, such as chopping herbs
and vegetables. Bigger and more complex tasks require a compact or full size
food processor.

 Price is also important. However, keep in mind that
you get what you pay for. ThusFree Reprint Articles, it is preferable to stay away from the cheapest
food processor models.


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