Tips on Mending a Troubled Relationship


Men are from Mars and Women are absolutely from another galaxy. Venus
is too near. When men are upset with other men, they can generally just
settle it with a quick brawl and be done with it after. Women on the
other hand are different. They can simply say that they accept your
apology, but a tugging in their genetic make-up will keep that anger
brewing and sometimes even plotting inside. It can rear its ugly head
at any moment, so good advice is needed to prevent this. Ask any girl
and 90% of the time they guy will to blame for a failing relationship.
So let’s say it’s just at that point of failing and its worth saving
and more than a few ideas can help besides just unloading tons of
flowers on
has a top ten line-up. The first of which is take responsibility for
your own actions. Now, this does take a certain kind of maturity to
handle yet is imperative to want to build the trust again by accepting
your fault at face value. Don’t look or mention that you did this as a
reaction to what she did and so on and so forth. That’s a never-ending
battle that men will hardly win.The second is to say the “S”
word. Apologize immediately at the first opportunity. If you really
want to keep her, then take it like a man and say that you are sorry at
the onset. Don’t think of it as losing face, think of it as investing
on more emotional building blocks for your future.The third on
the list would be the “L” word. Listen to what she has to say in
SILENCE. Avoid rebuttals, innuendos and counter attacks, as these would
surely add more heat in the kitchen. I’m not the type of person to
engage in such battles, some say it’s even healthy to have a go at it
every now and then. But face it, save your energies for it’s the war
you have to win, not just the battle.Another article on the
same site suggests planning a diversion. There must be an activity or a
place you both enjoyed in the past. Rekindling that moment can help
alleviate a lot the current pains, jaunts and stabs in the heart. It
can provide the spark to keep you guys going again.Peter Fox, a couple’s therapist (
has more detailed articles on approaching the mending of a
relationship. But I noted that one of his suggestions was to invite the
sacred into your lives. I believe that this suggestion from an actual
therapist is a proactive bond and does not necessarily require you to
suddenly go extremely religious. It’s just that all people have
something sacred that is held dear. Sharing in such a meaningful
practice can put a pulse back into the everyday lives of couples.
Thanking for the food or graces that both of you enjoy regularly can
actually be a weekly exercise to boost the faith in each other.A significant contribution to this from
tells of a program called 12 steps to serenity. My take on its many
instructions is just to consistently show her and tell her how
important she is to your life. Some relationships are just meant for
the moment but some are for a lifetime. If you remind her that she is
the latter rather than the former then you can actually help cement her
status in your emotional corridor while at the same time to keep active
on being the same rock for her in her life.There are many other
suggestions you can pick up from the web but to my opinion, doing
anyone two or three in the list above will be truly helpful in keeping
your relationship in full health sooner than later.

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