Top 5 Providers of Software Quality Assurance Testing Services

Software testing services form an essential part of building quality software because it ensures the product meets the quality standards and, at the same time, can be launched in the market in the shortest time. This article looks into the top 5 providers of software quality assurance testing services.

Software quality assurance testing services are an inseparable part of software development as software products and applications today are expected to meet user expectations more than ever before, because of a highly competitive market. Needless to say, enterprises worldwide are realizing how effective QA can take their product quality to an all new level, and this is exactly where there’s a growing need of providers of software quality assurance services. To make it easy for firms to find a quality QA provider to partner with, this article enlists the top 5 providers of software quality assurance services.

1] Oxagile

A reputed provider of software testing services for both mobile and web applications, Oxagile offers solutions for full-cycle testing with a team of engineers dedicated to understand every project and suggest solutions accordingly. The company offers standalone software testing services as well, if a project demands that an entire team be working and reporting to the client. The approach of Oxagile, while focusing more on Agile testing, also focuses on the traditional waterfall model where necessary.

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2] The Digital Group

The Digital Group offers a wide range of IT solutions and software quality assurance testing services are just one of them. The firm offers testing services for mobile, desktop as well as desktop applications and has successfully developed solutions to help QA teams overcome the biggest challenges. With a approach that is focused on Agile testing, but also includes the traditional waterfall model, the firm has a team of dedicated engineers who are skilled to help companies deliver quality product to customers in a short time.

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3] Capgemini

Just like the other names in this list, Capgemini is also a provider of full range of IT solutions and quality assurance testing is one of the many services that the company provides. With support for mobile, desktop and web applications, the services offered by this firm also include DevOps QA and Digital QA. The company has a team to monitor the trends in QA and apply them to build relevant solutions.

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4] Zymr

A full-stack cloud software development company, Zymr provides software quality testing services to cater to the current challenges that QA teams face. The company believes in the Agile approach and offers software and cloud testing services. The team at Zymr works closely with the development teams to ensure the product is delivered on time, and meets quality standards.

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5] ScienceSoft

A firm that offers software quality assurance services for mobile, desktop and web applications, ScienceSoft cater to every type of QA, just like other names on this list. The company offers project specific testing services as well as QA consulting services. With support for data warehouse testing as well, their approach is primarily Agile based and the skilled team helps enterprises deliver the best solutions to the users.

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The Final Word

All the software quality assurance testing services providers listed above have dedicated teams that work to help enterprises achieve the product quality they aim forPsychology Articles, without having to shell out a fortune. QA is an extremely important part of software development and these firms ensure their clients would not have to worry about the quality of their products.

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