Top 5 Ways in Which Cloud Telephony Benefits Your Business

Cloud telephony is the much-required voice and SMS services managed in the cloud. To know more, these services or solutions are more cost-effective than the usual telecom services without any penetration of physical infrastructure set-up like PBX/EPABX systems. So, right now Cloud telephony services are essentiality that can easily get the right scales to, thus customers being catered to quickly and efficiently.

The startup is the buzz word right now. Also, with this trending term, technology is booming, and expanding its aid on several segments, listing job search engines, cab companies, food delivery services, and inventory management, leading them to a great height. The most interesting bit is how technology is playing a significant role in various specters, boosting novelties like cloud telephony to a ‘most valuable player’ title.

Talking of business ventures, this cloud analogy is particularly about small and medium-sized enterprises, where the decision to hire for a certain technological product or service would create all the difference between escalating high in the competition or lagging behind. As known already, the startup culture is on a rage today, especially in rising national economies like Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

Now, whether you are a tech-enthusiastic business stalwart or a startup person, get glued to the section below and know the advantages of cloud telephony solutions to boost up business:

1. Negligible infrastructure or maintenance cost:

Cloud telephony is all hassle-free when it comes to set up and demands very less or almost negligible capital expenditure. Lack of control is quite a key challenge about regular phone systems faced by well-established organizations or startups. Complete dependence on the traditional phone supplier for technical support in the office itself or during office relocation can occupy a whole lot of valuable time. Thus, with cloud telephony, maintenance or obstacle creating issues would be resolved in a minute, resisting long unresolved blockages to operations.

2. Massive control and monitoring:

Cloud telephony platforms act as a catalyst in the expansion of companies by lessening missed revenue opportunities, thus enabling control over the modes of communication. This makes sure that businesses don’t drop a single customer call by ensuring unified notification systems in case there are any missed calls or even the calls after office hours. Apart from these, it also provides access to detailed call logs and voice logs and this generates an automated caller database that might be easily joined with any CRM software.

3. Excellent Client Communication:

Though need not mentioned, customer interactions are perhaps the driving force behind an organization’s growth. However, an outdated and obsolete system might be the cause of a major obstruction in the calling process. Client communications occur at several touchpoints, like the business website, social media pages, and strategic systems like CRMs and chatbots. Also, resorting to cloud telephony services enable unified communications strategy. Thus, to conclude, Cloud telephony platforms help business houses to connect impeccably all over the world, thus ensuring a higher level of communication.

4. One virtual number connecting several locations:

Cloud telephony serves as a great aid for restructuring businesses by enabling a single virtual number that would several multiple office locations, without dealing with any geographical barriers. This virtual number thus becomes equivalent to the brand identity of the business, making it easy for customers to memorize and connect with the brand irrespective of any location.

5. Extensibility:

Flexibility and adaptability are the things to look out for in Cloud Telephony services. A cloud telephony system might easily get into the turns and tussles of a company. This platform might as well be scaled to meet certain earmarked needs and requirements, concerning the budget. Cloud is adaptable to set parameters, which is also able to add on extensions and features, as per the requirements of the business.

So if you haven’t opted for Cloud Telephony solutions, try this out today. For this, you need StarTele Logic, one of the best cloud telephony service providersPsychology Articles, offering robust and secure internet services for both cloud-based voices as well as data applications.

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