Top 5 ways to get high, legally and naturally.


Many of us had our various habits of addiction during the high school and college years. Whether you used alcohol, marijuana or something worse, by the time you are married and have kids, many of us give up these highs for the fear of spending time in jail for DUI or possession; ruining our health or even worse, being declared irresponsible by those who rely on us. Does that mean then that we can forget about getting those highs again? Surprisingly, no, because life offers us its legal, mostly healthy, and shame free highs, the top 5 of which we will cover here.Running is the first way to get a natural high. Running at a fast, difficult pace for thirty minutes to an hour will cause your body to naturally release a great amount of endorphins that cause a very real euphoria that few drugs can match. Running this hard for such lengths of time, however, requires that a person builds up to such a difficult run. You may want to start with running for twenty minutes and every few weeks increasing it by ten minutes until you reach this euphoric state. Obviously this not only will result in the intense feelings of pleasure but a healthy body as well. We must advice you to seek a doctor’s advice before undertaking this if you have any health issues, especially with your heart and/or weight. Sex is another way to get that euphoric high feeling naturally. This one is probably the most obvious and known about. It is somewhat similar to the high you get when running except it is a short burst of euphoria where as running will lead to a longer lasting high. This obviously includes all form of sex including masturbation. The difference of sex from the other methods mentioned here is that whether you are male or female has a world of difference in the intensity of your pleasure.Falling in love or infatuation is a different form of high. The chemicals involved in the euphoria of being infatuated or falling in love with a person are very complex. However most of us know that those feelings are extremely powerful, so powerful in fact that we will do things that anyone not in love will consider utterly insane. Also interesting is that infatuation is perhaps the longest high you can get, lasting 6 months or longer, but also the only one that we are going to cover that has a “coming down” or a hangover effect similar to drugs or alcohol which especially can be felt when that relationship is broken off without the consent of one of the parties, such as a brake up or cheating. However there are few who can say that they have felt a more intense high than falling in love.Giving a truly anonymous gift is perhaps the most inexplicable of all the highs. Giving a gift isn’t enough however. The gift must be given to someone who really needs it and it must be given in such a way that that person must never be able to find out. As said earlier, the reason behind this euphoria is not quite understood however it is perhaps the most pleasurable of all euphoria. The intense feelings of pleasure are beyond anything that mere words can explain and only can be truly understood by living through it.Thrill seeking has been misunderstood by many of those who don’t engage in climbing on the side of a mountain a thousand feet above ground, jump out of an airplane with nothing but a parachute to save their life, or perhaps swimming with the world’s deadliest sharks. However the amount of adrenaline that gets pumped into a person’s blood stream when faced with these near death situations is beyond belief. The euphoria that follows is, oh, so sweet. You may have heard about those who can lift a car by themselves when they are faced with a dire situation. This again is an area that is little understood. How is someone who has the same muscles they had just seconds earlier is able to perform feats that require 10 or more times their normal strength? Yet, with an adrenaline rush, it has been done. The more interesting thing is that accompanying this adrenaline rush is also a rush of intense euphoria and this burst of pleasure is what thrill seekers quest after.So do you have to resort to the high school means of achieving your high, risking your freedom, health and pride? Such shame is not required. Your health does not need to be sacrificed. And you certainly do not need to give up your freedom to experience the best euphoria this life has to offer. Try these methods and your desires for pleasure will be more than fulfilled.

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