Top 5 Ways To Hypnotize Your Site Visitors To Give Their Credit Card Numbers…..

There are few ways that you can use to
hypnotize your site visitors’ to give them their credit card numbers.
Among them, the top 5 are:

1)Everybody like to feel good. You
have to use this proven point to ensure that your site visitors’ will
visit your web site again and again. Use a few jokes, humorous graphics
and funny stories or even online videos (from You could
also provide a free online game they can play on your web site. If your
visitors like it they will revisit again and again. Plus they might
tell other people about it.

2)By adding the element of
surprise, it will raise your readers’ curiosity and make them want to
buy so they can find out what the surprise bonuses are. You could also
not tell them and make it a real surprise. Just imagine how you would
feel if you bought a product and got a second one for free without
knowing it ahead of time?

3)Play with your visitors feelings,
memories and emotions by asking them questions that induce thoughts,
feelings, memories and emotions. This will influence them to buy. You
could ask questions about people’s future, present and past. For
example, you could say, “How many times have you seen your school
friends make more money than you?”

4)Charge people a cheap
price to get a sample of your product. If they like it, they can pay
full price to get the full version. Yes, you could offer a free sample
too. When you charge for a sample, it gives your product more perceived
value and you end up making a little money at the same time.

5)Make your sales letters or ads sound like it is common sense to buy
your product. For example, you could say, “Everyone knows you can’t
make money…” Another example, “Everyone realizes that designing a
professional web site isn’t hard like it use to be.”

Don’t let
the simplicity of these techniques fool you. These techniques are very
powerful – if you apply them correctlyScience Articles, and with a little creativity.

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